Some Interesting Ethology

Damaged Goods

The musk oxen had a tight defensive circle which had held up for two days and the wolfpack was getting frustrated and ready to move on. Then the athletic alpha male took a running start, leapt high, and landed in the center of the circle, smashing its structural integrity. The pack ended up with a young ox to eat which was better than nothing.

Orca lifted the great white shark upward through the water line into the air. Orca repeated this action another half dozen times. Just for the hell of it, I guess. Killer whale is a good name for Orca.

The cape buffalo was having a testosterone fit, roughhousing with his buds, when he saw a newcomer grazing nearby. He went nose-to-nose with the newcomer, a five-ton white rhino. Big mistake as the buffalo paid for it with his life.

Another cape buffalo and a hippo were walking toward each other like Old West gunslingers when the hippo opened his big mouth and kept it open. That’s all it took for the buffalo to scoot away. Not all cape buffaloes are stupid.

Wolverine defeated a huge wolf who limped away with multiple wounds.

Another wolverine took a carcass away from two wolves who gave it up without protest. It could be that the wolves had just eaten their fill so why risk injury over leftovers.

Another wolverine kept nipping at the rear end of a grizzly who was dining on a caribou it had just taken down. The bear got so exasperated with this harassment, it ripped the caribou’s leg off and carried it away, leaving the rest of the carcass for the wolverine.

Ratel honey badger was on its way home when a pack of hyenas crossed its path. The pack had just feasted on a deceased hippo so most of them didn’t want to mess with the ratel. But a half dozen of them did and although ratel made it to its burrow, it suffered serious injuries. But it got in some good licks, and three of the hyenas were bit in the genitals.

Honey badger would be a worthwhile opponent of wolverine but geography prevents them from meeting on common ground.

Asian water buffalo was sprawled in mud to escape heat and flies. For three days, Komodo dragons nipped its hind quarters and the buffalo became very weak, probably infected by Komodos’ bacteria in their saliva as well as the germs in the muddy waste. Buffalo then succumbed to direct Komodo attack.

Oh how I love me a bunch of ethology.