Speaking to the Computer and getting Text on the Page.


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First you have to got to "Settings", then "Time and Language", then "Speech",
then set up the microphone.
After that to put text on the page by speech, I put the cursor into the box
where I normally type, then clicked the "Windows Key and the H key" together,
a window like an address bar opens at the top of the page, it has a microphone
symbol on the left side, that you click to start.

Below is the results and some correction, just to show that it can be done.

This is an example of me speaking to this computer and printing in 2 hours
I don't understand where the 2 hours came from
play I'm trying to start again I have had 2 click on this symbol for the Micra wait kro phone
Play belongs with the 2 hours, from micra it should read microphone.
open every time I see a new Lane is switches off the microphone and really need to send this
When I say "New Line", the mike switches off, same if I use the enter key'
even when I enter to get a The microphone goes off

take to I will try and speak slowly and order 2 hello this machine to understand my Scottish accent.
take to = take 2. and order 2 hello is from the ether, not me
It seems to understand why word when I am speaking very slowly but I do sound feel a bit stupid.
understand why word = undertsand my words.

this seems to be I'm feeling good system I have done no training with this is with this program on the computer.
I'm feelig = a fairly. on the = or the.

Not a bad programme I think and I suppose that with more practice
it can only improve.

I didn't edit anything with the keyboard, what is printed in black is
purely down to the Computer listening to my voice, though annoyingly
the microphone keeps going off when I start a new line, if I say new line,
it goes to a new line and prints the words, then deletes them and switches
the microphone off, also when I use the keyboard for one.