Springtime Neighbors Are Back


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Flyover Country
For the past few years, we have had a little vixen take up residence under the neighbors barn in old groundhog holes. We enjoy watching them until they move on. If you count in the first picture, she has 11 kits. I haven't ever seen so many in one litter!


Red foxes usually have 5 to 7. Daughter said she spotted 7 & when I seen them I counted 5. Hard to count when they're all over the place so I put up the camera & couldn't believe there was 11.

One neighbor isn't happy with them, but I'm not letting it out where they are. We have more problems with coyotes passing thru, masses of raccoons & hawks swooping in grabbing chickens than the fox. The camera has shown her bringing back a bunch squirrels & rabbits, but only one chicken.