Stay calm and carry on


One night a neighbor's snake got loose and ended up in my apt and I didn't know it. It was there the night before and the cat tried to tell me but I didn't understand at the time. Next night in my flannel jammies I'm sitting on the sofa doing my checkbook off to my left playing with toys. On my right ankle I feel something push up against it. Look down and this 1 to 1 1/2 in bright green snake is headed to the leg opening of my jammies.

Needless to say that's the fastest I've ever moved to get help. I scared the snake. LOL! Apparently he'd bitten kitty in the corner of her eyelid and I didn't know the night before when she was meowing really long at me. The snake was removed by said neighbor. I reported it to the landlord.

Turns out he was cooking meth in his apt. and he had an aquarium full of snakes. Not after the landlord got done with him.


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I'm surprised at how many people think a snake attacks people on sight. No snake on the planet (Venomous or not) goes after anyone. They want no part of people.


Quite true, WIN231. We are too big for them it eat so there is no point in them attacking us unless we provoke them. Snakes are most dangerous in the Spring when they are coming out of semi hibernation. They may be sunning themselves trying to warm up enough to go hunting and less likely to move away when they hear you coming. That is why, when bushwalking, it is advisable to look carefully before stepping over a fallen tree.