The Death of Freddie MIlls


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World Heavyweight Boxing Champion 1948, was murdered
in Soho in 1965, the killer was never found!

There was a TV programme about this last night which has
prompted me to put it here, there was lots of speculation as
to who killed him, even the Mafia was in the frame, but we
still don't know.

I liked Freddie, though I never met him, he was a friendly man,
and it came across in interviews.

I was surprised, when looking for a link to his story, to learn that
he was suspected of killing eight women, I had never heard of that
till today, I had heard that he was suspected of being gay, that was
disproved, but not I had not heard of any killing.

Here is a link to the Guardian story about it all.


Aunt Marg

Granny Pantie Power!
What an interesting read.

Sure makes one wonder...

Just spent the last 20-25 minutes reading a few stories on him.

Thank you for the addition, Mike!

P.S. What's your speculation as to who killed him?


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That is a tough question Aunt Marg, crime was big
in London in those days and he was friendly with the
Kray twins and their mob, it was rumoured that he was
gay, so he might have been propositioned and the one
who asked didn't like the reply, or perhaps the way it
was delivered, he also owned a nightclub and might have
refused to pay protection, I really don't know.

Because he was a World Boxing Champion and friendly
with the biggest gangsters of the time, he might have got
a bit arrogant and thought that he was immortal, or it could
be that he was a message to the others, that they were not

He was shot through the eye and he had a fairground rifle
in the car with him, so maybe it was an accident, he was in
his car behind his club and had told the staff that he was
going to the car for a sleep, which he often did.

It is a riddle that the police couldn't or didn't want to solve.