The Pursuit of Houseplants...


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Does your local garden center offer houseplant workshops to learn
about housepant care and gain further knowledge.?

These can certainly be helpful to the houseplant enthusiast.

Have you ever been?

How was it?

Did you 'come away' with a new one?

I would love to go with you to that one, to find out what theirs is like, @Jace (y):giggle::love:

It's worth a try. We might find a couple of unusual houseplants that they want to sell to us, very cheaply! :LOL:

Doesn't sound too likely though, at that one, does it?;)

Many years ago, I used to go to some local ones, that were not always free, but the cost was low, and the price included both the demonstrations, explanations, and all of the hands-on materials, to do some project, that participants then took home.
It was definitely educational, and fun and social, too.

The presenters were friendly and amusing, and extremely knowledgeable, so it was a good deal, and they (the classes or workshops) were always full of pre-registers.

Yes, they had plenty of stuff you could buy while there, and they gave a one-day discount to participants to use, for anything at all, if they wanted to, but they didn't push sales at all.
And they answered all questions about related topics, that attendees asked.
They understood that it was good to be friendly and educational, and to get people to go to their place. (without pushing products)

Good for business, for them without being pushy at all.

And fun for everyone. I am glad I went. Always was fun and interesting, whether a free one, or a low cost one, that as I said, would include that you took home the tray of seeds you started there, or the cut flowers you made an arrangement, etc.
Love seeing your plants and their nice and homey shelving too, @Lee !:)
I too, enjoy watching them grow,
and nurturing them, in small ways (that sometimes help them and sometimes not)
I often, when I am able to, take cuttings from my own plants, to start new plants, and thereby presently have some with ancestors that I can remember, from decades ago.

Thanks for the pleasant thread topic, @Jace
@Kaila, that was very smart marketing by those locals. A win/win for everyone.
Yes, and thank you for that comment. This thread brought back good memories of those experiences, for me. It's always nice when an SF thread, suggested by someone, has that effect on us who read it.
What a gorgeous
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I am a proud plant parent, usually buy small as I like to watch them grow.

I find the garden centre too expensive so Will go to places like Walmart or grocery stores.

Just some of my collection in the sunroom, it's their face place to hang out
room. My typing is all over the place with this slow pace.

That room is very tastefully done. You obviously love plants and they obviously love you. Look at them. 💕 They are so healthy and gorgeous!
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Awhile ago, at the Senior Center..someone brought in some plants..for the taking...
I took an exotic looking one..
It's three tall stalks.
But, I don't know what it is..
But, I like it..
And, when it gets warmer..
The few plants, I have..will go out on the deck.
Nice thread, @Jace! :D

My wife and I have been house plant people since I gave her the first one prior to our marriage. It was a little grape ivy with only three leaves in a tiny plastic pot. We still have that same plant over 50 years later.

I never heard of a garden center offering seminars on house plants. Early on we bought the book House Plants for the Purple Thumb by Maggie Baylis. It's was/is great reference.

We currently have two or three dozen plants in the house (we've had up to a hundred in the past). Around here, the selection of commercially available house plants is very limited and decidedly uninteresting. The few new plants we get these days are cuttings from friends.
Enjoying your posts here, @Tommy
and Lizzie is correct;
that's an impressive grape ivy of yours! With a wonderful history/story too, which many beloved houseplants do have. :)

Your houseplants are all impressive, particularly since you are living in an area of cold, long winters, with low sunlight, and drafty even indoors. Not the best conditions, for keeping them going, longterm!

I sure wish I could get cuttings from yours! :)
How I wish I had the light I used to have in my old house. I had lots of houseplants then.

Now, in the condo, I only have 2 plants. I know I can squeeze another 2 in, I'll be looking. Love foxtail ferns and palms.