The Stephanie Stewart Case (Canada)

Aunt Marg

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This is one that has never gone away for me, being that it happened here in Canada.

Thought it would make for a great addition to this forum for anyone interested.

Missing persons and people who disappear and who's remains are never found, I find extremely creepy and unsettling.


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Another one that I never heard about before, but
it looks like the authorities have tried in this case,
they even suggest animals might be involved.

Unless she was wealthy and involved with a shady
character, then I don't think I can suggest anything



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South Australia
We have a similar mystery where a married man took his “lady friend “ camping several times ,even though it’s been reported by friends of the missing woman she didn’t like camping
friends stated she was to much of a socialite and liked her comforts however she’d been camping with her “friend “ several times in the high country of Victoria ( Aust )

The mans wife had no knowledge that her husband was taking another woman camping .

The camp site was found burnt out and his car was still there

This happened in mid

March this year , and has the police baffled
These are seniors 74 and 73. so where are they is the big question ?
Something similar to the interesting case you posted @Aunt Marg Which I read

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Aunt Marg

Granny Pantie Power!
Would love to hear from others regarding this case.

Do you think Stephanie Stewart, knew the killer, or do you think it was a random attack?

And what do you think happened to her, as in, why has no remains been found?