To bounce off the topic of attending church; what do you think of religious or Christian music?

Paco Dennis

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I do like praise is awe inspiring to me. I remember when Christian music started branching out in the early 70's into folk tunes, rock songs, popular stuff...even Dylan had his turn with his Christian album. One song was called "Why should the devil have all the good music?" :)
It seemed that when the roaring 60's ended so did the "hippie" summer of love stuff and the "throw the baby out with the bathwater" quit working, many of the eastern philosophers turned to a more secure group that was plugging back into society. It was a huge movement and I had many friends who had turned to Christianity, including me...a former psychedelic rock guitarist. So when I was 20 I was baptized and born again and played in several different kinds of Christian groups. I found a lot of joy with my friends and relationship with the trinity.

Ruth n Jersey

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I didn't like Sunday school but do remember the old time hymns. We had a small hymnal and the songs were often sung over and over.
I like the sound of hymns and my favorite is In the Garden, it was my grandmas favorite which adds some sentimental value.
I love when Jimmy Fortune sings some of these old time hymns.