To chopstick or not to chopstick?


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Went out for sushi last night with Ron and his daughter Krystal. While we were eating I glanced around and realized that half the place was eating their food with chopsticks like we were, and half with regular flatware.

We (me, Ron, his girls) all have our own chopsticks. Mine are in a pretty case that stays in my purse. Ron's and his girls stay at the Sapporo's... the only restaurant we go to for Sushi.

What about you? When you eat Chinese or Japanese food, do you use chopsticks or regular table ware?

Gary O'

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What about you? When you eat Chinese or Japanese food, do you use chopsticks or regular table ware?
Stayin' with forks/spoons
Even in China
The folks there, in my favorite eateries, would come runnin' with a big spoon
It was main land China, I don't think they had any flatware.....just that big spoon


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After 2 1/2 years in Korea, two and a half years on Okinawa, and seven years in Hawaii, I am reasonably competent with the cheap wooden ones. The fancy ones are too slippery for me and forget about using those skinny stainless steel ones they have in Korea.
I tend to stick with forks, spoons and knives where I can minimize the probability of wearing my food.


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I can use chopsticks. At home, if we eat Asian food, Dave uses chopsticks, but I stick with a fork. When we eat out, it just depends. We have a favorite ramen place. I use chopsticks and one of those flat Asian spoons because that's all there is. Frankly, I think a knife, fork, and spoon are more practical. But when in Rome... or Bejing, as the case may be...
I think one should use whatever is most comfortable for him/her.

Just FYI for a giggle: I'm a third generation Japanese American, and for a short time my maternal grandmother came to live with us. I was about 9 or 10 at the time, with two older sisters.

She didn't speak any English, so it was several years after she left that I discovered she sniped to our dad that all us kids were obviously Americanized retards since we couldn't even hold chopsticks "correctly".

LOL! (And I still don't hold them correctly, although I'm dexterous with them!)


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Would you ever try vegetarian sushi? I've never eaten seafood sushi in my life, even though I'm Japanese. I rejected it as a tyke, while my siblings gobbled it up. Then again - I am allergic to certain fish.
Pinky, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of vegetarian sushi, what is it exactly?