Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the day:


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I have my cataract surgery on my right eye. I’m a little nervous about it, but everyone that has had it done reassures me that it’s not bad at all. Of course someone always has a horror story about it and they must tell me about it. :mad:

On the 20th, this month, they will do the left eye. And then it’s the wives turn.:)


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I hope it goes very easily for you. I have seen some people who went out to eat, after it, they felt so well.(y)

The most encouraging thing i can say, is that it is now the most common of all surgical procedures, I have read, and they have therefore gotten much better at doing it, and there are far fewer complications, than there were, years ago, when most all of those "horror stories" came from.

Myself, I had some trouble with the anesthesia meds, not the actual procedure, but that is an individual problem of mine. They use very light type, which is great for everyone else. And even mine, was not a serious problem. Nor would I suggest doing it without any! ;)


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Pappy, glad the surgery went okay and hope when the patch comes off you have good results and little discomfort. Wishing you well on your next procedure too. Hoping when it's your wife's turn, things will go smooth for her. 💛


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Maybe now she will see you in a different light
Not yet, because she hasn't had hers done yet, so she cant see how much he has or has not changed in all those years.
He's the one who can see HER differently, once that eye is back fully open and adjusted, which will not be too long.

Let us know if you recognize her at all, then!:LOL:
Are you 100% certain she IS the one you married? :ROFLMAO:

I did think of you, yesterday and today, too, and I hope things are going smoothly with the healing, Pappy. :)


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I am glad to hear how you are doing, Pappy, even though I wish it was better and faster.

Each individual eye, seems to take its own amount of time, to heal up. I hope that another 24 hours will show significantly greater improvement for you, and it might.


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A little better Kaila. Still quite sore, but there is an improvement in my vision.
I'm sorry to hear you experienced pain with this surgery, Pappy. And a bit surprised -

When I had mine done I experienced no discomfort whatsoever. The entire procedure, once I was in the operating room, took less than ten minutes. No bandaging, no drops, and my vision was clear within a couple of hours. Granted, I was younger than you (early 60s), but still . . .

Hope your second one goes a lot more smoothly.


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Mine had swelling and needed lots of daily medication drops, but did get better.

Has the swelling and pain or discomfort, in yours, gone down now, Pappy? Today is one week, so I hope so.
I can't remember how long mine took. But I know it was significantly improved before the 2nd one.