Trains Through Black Canyon British Columbia Canada


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I love riding the rails. When the kids were growing up, we took a rail vacation every other year. Never been to Canada, but anywhere out west was great. I would like to do one more rail vacation, even up to Canada, which now would be a good time with the exchange rate in our favor.

Oh, HollyDolly, What a gorgeous train picture. Thanks so much. I've always had a thing for trains.
At our home, we had a model that ran through several rooms. Fun watching it.


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Oh you're more than welcome Falcon.:).. I love trains myself, and we're lucky here we can travel on trains whenever we want.. and we will be doing the same next month in Spain, which we love.

911.... I hope you manage to get at least one train trip in again.... :)


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Believe it or not, I found myself looking up AMTRAK fares last night. Prices are good and comparable to plane fares, unless the passenger wants a bed and/or food.