Two Friends in Texas Were Tested for Coronavirus. One Bill Was $199. The Other? $6,408.


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Before a camping and kayaking trip along the Texas coast, Pam LeBlanc and Jimmy Harvey decided to get coronavirus tests. They wanted a bit more peace of mind before spending 13 days in close quarters along with three friends.

The two got drive-thru tests at Austin Emergency Center in Austin. The center advertises a “minimally invasive” testing experience in a state now battling one of the country’s worst coronavirus outbreaks. Texas recorded 5,799 new cases Sunday and recently reversed some if its reopening policies.


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This is an outrageous indictment of the ripoffs in the US healthcare system. Heaven help all the people who've been laid off or permanently lost their jobs - and their employer health insurance - over the past four months.


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This is why there should be somekind of menu pricing. How anyone get a true cost on anything if everyone is charged a different price. That actual provider can charge what ever price it wants but it shouldn't very customer to customer. If they want to offer a cash price and insurance price they still should be pretty close and spelled out up front. The provider is fishing for what ever they can get.


I thought testing was supposed to be free? Isn't that what was said back in March? Who has that kind of money for a test now with everyone unemployed, almost, and most of us just eeking by?