Unusual places to visit...

….or there are the crypts under the Capuchin Church in Rome. Chamber after chamber full of piles of bones of the monks, some even full skeletons dressed in moldy robes. There are two skeletons of young children mounted on a wall, young princes of some noble family. It'll give you the major creeps.....

jerry r. garner

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If you have been very good, Santa may take you to the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, Mass. Once a year the caretakers display
a hank of her hair, reported to be reddish (She died at age 56, but is alleged to appear very youthful looking) and one of her white dresses.
I think it is on the same day, not sure.
Yep, I'm a fan, but adoration-no! I just find it peculiar what we think of value;