What are you doing today 2023

It's the Eve of New Year's Eve. I went for lab tests today, Friday. So far the results I got back were good except for one-low platelets. My doctor ordered a whole bunch of labs including urinalysis because I have what may be a UTI. He also ordered a CT Scan of the kidneys-I think because I've had blood in my urine. Well, we are all grown ups so I hope no one is grossed out. I'm waiting on more lab test results via MyChart.

I stopped at a Starbucks and got my 5.85 espresso machiatto or whatever the heck it was. It sure opened my eyes! I love a good espresso at times. Then I went to CVS and got my Pneumonia 23 vaccine and my Covid bivalent (I think that's what this one is called-it includes the omicron) vaccine. Came home and listening to soft music with my babies.
How can that be? Today is the 30th. They are 13 hours ahead of the eastern time zone in the US. That would make it 8:30 in the morning there on December 31.

Now I'm all confused.
Oh you might be right.. I though they were about 24 hours ahead of us in NZ

..eta apprently I'm ahead of myself, it's 1.30pm in NZ ... 31st..