What are you grateful / thankful for?


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Picture a virtual tree that grows in the center of SF. It stands about seven feet tall and looks something like a Christmas tree but it is not. It is called a gratitude tree. Instead of shiny bulbs and lights we will hang virtual cards with what we are grateful for on this day of Thanksgiving written on them. What is it that are you grateful / thankful for on this day? I will start it off.

There are so many things that I am truly grateful for. I would say the biggest things are My healthy happy grandchildren and the fact I woke up breathing this morning.


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I'm grateful for my niece. She surprised me with a visit for the holiday arriving on Tuesday night until Saturday morning. I never expected her, but remembering back, she did ask me if I was doing anything special for Thanksgiving or staying home. Now I know why she wanted to know if I was going to be home. She went to the store yesterday and bought all the fixings for our meal today. She is the daughter I never had.


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I'm thankful for my family{older sister, Mary lives 'across the pond,younger& only brother, John who lives in CT'} though they don't live here. I talk to John every Sun afternoon
It was wonderful to see them &other family friends at my neice/god daughter's,Katie's wedding last month in NYC
I'm grateful for my 2 close friends,Marcia&Dave who live 2 blocks away,they&their sons are my 'Buffalo family'.other friends I made over the years
I'm thankful to God every day I can go outside to take my daily walks, even though I have arthritis in both knees
I'm thankful for the friends I've met here at SF, a cool place to hang out every day just to say "HI"