What are your favorite fruit trees?

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My favorites are apricots and nectarines.
Yesterday I planted 3 apricot and 2 plum bare root trees, plus 2 nectarine this morning.
Now my excitement and room for planting more has me wanting to get more kinds of fruit trees.
But I'm not sure what other types of fruit trees to get. Thus I would much appreciate your suggestions.

I'm thinking to get a Giant Fuyu Persimmon, a Sweet Pomegranate, and a Mulberry tree.
There is space for the first two at the end of the row with the nectarine and plum trees. The mulberry tree
could go in the front yard, between the sidewalk and garage, hopefully not an invitation for people walking by.
I'm not sure of the taste of these though. Let me know what you think of them, and/or of any possible alternatives.

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If you have robins in your area, they absolutely love eating the ripe mulberry fruit. I have a large one in my back yard and the robins & squirrels love 'em! Just be careful where you plant it. You don't want the berries falling on pathways, patio or other stonework areas cuz the berries will stain them at least temporarily.
I love apples. Don't know why, but all my friends know I love 'em?? One of the things that irks me about being a diabetic is I can't chomp down on my favorite fruit.
I thought apples were ok to eat if you are a diabetic? My mother being a diabetic, ate apples all the time. Green pippins and golden delicious.
Sorry to hear that.
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Cherry, because of the beautiful blossoms.
@Della That is a pretty good replica of our two cherry trees. They are the first fruit to ripen in late spring. Then we had pear, apple, plum, and peach trees. We made a lot of delicious fruit salads.

Picking cherries: Get two big tarps and spread them out under the tree. Shake all the banches you can reach. Climb up and shake all the branches you get get to. Use a pole to rattle the ones that can't be reached. Gather in small buckets the mass of cherries on the tarp. Get a ladder and move around the tree to pick the rest by hand.

We made preserves, pies, snacks, and wine out of them. My favorite of all our fruit trees.