What Brew Method Do You Use to Make Your Coffee?


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Currently I'm using a Keurig but it's for convenience and not good taste. I have a number of other types of coffee making gear including an OXO Barista drip coffeemaker (didn't make the best coffee IMO) , a Krups MokaBrew (actually two of them and I loved the coffee it produced), a Nespresso Evoluo, a Nespresso Creatista (Nespresso is ok but you are stuck with their coffee - some of which is fairly good), a Corning Ware perculator (not used in years), a Technovorm Cup One and a couple of French Presses. I've been using the Technovorm Cup One (makes one cup only at a time) and enjoying the coffee it produces vs. the Keurig. I'm thinking I might buy a larger Technovorm since I seem to be straying from the Keurig but darn they are expensive. How do you make your morning cup?


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We have a keurig and it's not bad. I do have drip but hubby doesn't want the bother so if I want it I will need to make my own. I find the keurig isn't hot enough and I have to heat my cup up in the micro for about 30 sec. I also go to Timmy's sometimes and pick up an extra large that I share with hubby.


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I just bought a small one cup Black and Decker drip for my van and a 14 oz stainless interior mug to replace the one that came with it. For a one cup, the mug is the pot. I originally tried a small French press for the van, but it took too much of my fresh water reserves and gray tank space to rinse it. The Black and Decker is 850 watts which works with my 1,000 watt inverter. That way I don't have to heat water on the propane stove which heats up the van or run the generator to power the microwave when I'm not plugged into shore power. The coffee is good ...really hot... and the new mug keeps it nice and hot for leisurely sipping.


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it depends,,, normally it is a teaspoon of instant coffee and hot water...when I run out of that it is grind the beans into pour over...but ifn I is out in the boonies, it is a handful of grounds in pot o hot water.


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Black & Decker electric drip with stainless steel carafe. No glass with a heater for me, that burns the coffee. This goes into our stainless steel to-go mugs. Coffee is still good for an hour (no cream added that would cool it down.)

When in our RV, it’s a Melitta pour over. Again we’re drinking from SS thermal cups.