What happened to the days when...

There are a lot of people who do something at their own expense. I fly for Angel Flight West, and pay for aircraft rental out of my own pocket. I have flown over 100 missions at a cost of about $400 per mission, and I have nowhere near the $$$ you do.
Oh, thank you so much for giving your time and funds to this organization, @bowmore ! I know the families appreciate it greatly.

Twenty five cents. A quarter of a dollar. Really, @debodun? That was a joke, right? If not, you aren't frugal; you're downright cheap. Tighter than bark on a tree.

Twenty five cents won't buy enough gas to run a mower even long enough to mow a small yard. Buy a lawn mower and call it a capital expense, then do it yourself.
I doubt if you could even find a kid that mows grass for a fee these days. They can go to a burger or chicken restaurant and get a job where they are assured of making x amount of dollars per hour. There are companies that have home, apartment, condo and businesses sign contracts that guarantee the owner so many mowings per season. Kids can’t compete with these outfits.

It's crazy how kids spend their time now. We were harassed for the longest time by kids knocking on our door and running away. Just the other day my daughter had a boy kick her storm door and break it. The Police came and saw on her bell camera the boy who did it. They recognized the boy and showed his Dad what he did. The Dad was very upset and is replacing the storm door and was very grateful that my daughter and her hubby didn't want to press charges against the boy. I really hope he learned a lesson from this incident.
I have a rather long driveway. One recent winter, I had a really heavy snow, and my snow blower blew a belt immediately and became inoperative. I called numbers in the local paper for snow removal, and one person wanted $120 to clear my drive; I declined. A second person I called was out of work, and just wanted $40 to do it. I tipped him an extra $20 when he was done, and we were both happy! 🙂
What happened to the days when... You could get a kid from the neighborhood to mow your lawn or shovel your driveway for 25¢?
That's pretty low. When I was in Jr High I used to mow neighbors' lawns, but never went quite that low.

Its not to hard to find kids to do yardwork around here. Mormons have lots of kids. If they do decent work I pay $10+ an hour, which seems to be a bit higher than the going rate, but it keeps em coming back.
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Why does anyone expect the young and the not so young to work when their world revolves around countless hours starring at their phones. Plus they want careers working with their phones all day long. Apparently, very few want to be electricians, bricklayers, plumbers, etc. They certainly don't want to cut the grass! IT'S BORING! Strange, brave new world!
Why does anyone expect the young and the not so young to work when their world revolves around countless hours starring at their phones
That is a problem and one of my screening criteria. If a kid does that and the work suffers, which it usually does. I pay minimum wage and never have them back.

However I seem to be able to find kids who don't spend lots of time on their phones, and work instead. Those are the keepers. Plenty of them out there.