What have you bought recently?

Well. Duh. I keyed this is yesterday and forgot to post it:

Once again I scurried out of the store without buying anything. Must be losing my touch. I'm out of ice cream. That's almost as serious as being out of chocolate! And I meant to get some real money from the ATM. One should have cash...some to stash at home and some to carry.

But there's hope. I really need a haircut. It could happen tomorrow morning.
My new apron arrived and I’m happy with it. Better be since it cost $20 with the tax. That feels expensive for an apron but the last time I bought one was ???. I’m small and think it might be a bit of a struggle for anyone who is much larger than me. It was O/S.
I thought I hadn't spent any money for a while.. until I checked my Credit card statement.. and realised somewhere along the line I'd spent close to £200..:oops::oops: well I paid that.. so now I'll be not spending even more..lol
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An apron on Amazon. My regular apron dips too low and the final straw was a piece of dark chocolate falling off an ice cream bar. I didn’t notice and it left a stain. Also I splatter everything when cooking. By everything, I even mean things that can’t possibly splatter.
That's a nice one!:)
But are you sure it's adequate for your specific needs?:unsure:
My new apron arrived and I’m happy with it. Better be since it cost $20 with the tax. That feels expensive for an apron but the last time I bought one was ???. I’m small and think it might be a bit of a struggle for anyone who is much larger than me. It was O/S.
I think the prices have gone up since then. :giggle::LOL::ROFLMAO:
It doesn't sound high priced for an enjoyable apron to me, nowadays. ;)
Have been stocking up on fall / winter coats and jackets.
The ones I had, were what I was wearing at my house……for sNOw shoveling, outside stuff, etc…..they were well worn.
In Manitoba…..you need many different warms……cool, cold, sNOw, wet, warm, and extra warm.
In one day, could change 3 times, depending on the weather…..or is that just me. 🤨😜🤪🥴.

Got 1 shorter style, length, just below my butt, for in the vehicle, don’t like long coats in a vehicle.
Got 2, just below the knee, 1 light weight, 1 heavier.
And my best find which came yesterday……
A really l-o-n-g one…..reaches to just above my ankles…..for when I’m out on the balcony at -30c, enjoying the cold 🥴 and enjoying my bad habit.
I’ve been looking for this extra long one for years…..now I have one. 😊🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶😊
Don’t think it was actually ment to be that long on average height people……so……myself being short, worked out super well.

Used to be to get a real warm jacket / coat it had to be heavy……not now…..
They’re all what is described as…… OMNI HEAT……OMNI-TECH. They're light and super warm for the different seasons.
All by Columbia.

Check it out at. columbia.com/tech

Even better yet…….they were all on sale for excellent prices.
I spent money again. Yup. Sure did. Sir made apple cinnamon cookies yesterday. They are one of DSIL's favorites and go fast so I snagged a package figuring that if I waited until time to leave, they'd all be gone.

DD has been so stressed about DGD's health crises lately that I got her some flowers. While I was at it,
DGD has been so depressed about her health crises that I bought some for her, too.

Then...since I was in spending mode, I bought a garden center gift card because today was 4x fuel points, and I can use it to buy mums. It's almost time for mums.

I won't spend any money tomorrow.
Because you can’t try anything on, I’ve avoided VV Boutique for months. A couple of weeks ago I bought a really cute dress that fit but didn’t suit me. Had to return it by today so ended up with two nice blouses that I don’t need. I’m not going to wander in there even if I’m caught in a torrential downpour in front of their doors. That was an ordeal.
Y'all will be so proud of me. I said I wouldn't spend any money today, and I didn't. Yay me. The eagle did sh!t this morning so my bank account is looking all tickety boo. For a day or two :).

Tomorrow is bakery payday. I'm probably not gonna spend any money tomorrow, either.

In a a week or so, I'll be off to the garden centers. Mums, donchanno. Gotta have mums in the fall, and the harsh weather last winter/early spring killed what are perennials so starting over.
Am getting together next week to catch up with DIL's b-day last month, and my recent birthday.

She loves dinosaurs AND Halloween so I ordered these two shirts for her:

Skeleton Riding Mummy Dinosaur T rex Halloween Funny Pumpkin T-Shirt

Bought a few items at Aldi, mainly ingredients I need to make some chicken chili. Chili you say when I live in an area where the temps have been in the three digits much of the last month? We have finally had a “cold front” come through and it has been in the balmy 80’s the last few days so chili it will be. Also bought an Amazon Kindle Scribe that I had been coveting for some time. It was on sale for a pretty good price and I wanted a new toy to play with.
Newer adjustable laptop table on locking castors for easy movement on carpet. Modified a little, took lower shelf off & used it a a back for the upper shelf, I couldn't get my clod-hoppers under it. Just as sturdy but only one shelf (more than I needed). Priced at $69,99 applied discount of $14 from CapitolOne. Final charge was $55.99, Bought an additional clamp on lamp for $9 from Wally's & $6 mouse pad. Set to go after drilling 4 holes for shelf back. My wife refers to it as my 2023 quest.

laptop table on castors.jpg