What items still use a 9 volt battery


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What items still use a 9 volt battery besides smoke detectors and old pocket radios?

Was in a dollar store the other day and I saw all the 9 volt batteries on the shelf. And hanging on the side right next to them were the nickel size watch batteries in bulk. I thought was ironic old style and new style right next to each other.


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There are some medical units, like electrical stimulation (TENS) for muscle injury that use 9 volt batteries. All my old pocket radios use AA. Those small button batteries can be deadly if pets eat them.

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My Fluke voltmeters still use them. Also, I have a couple of motion detector sprinklers that I put up around my garden every year...to keep the deers, turkeys and raccoons out of it...which use 9V batteries.


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All the effects gadgets on the black board except for the red one (and my toes) takes one 9 volt battery. The boxes are on a "powered pedal board" that plugs into the wall, and has powered connectors going to each box. This saves my battery power and is much easier/faster to set up for guitar playing.

I don't know if they still make effect boxes that require a 9 volt battery, but just about all mine do.

Back in the day before I got the powered pedal board, I had to bring extra batteries in case one fizzled out on me. :eek:

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As an aside, the 9 volt battery is about the only readily available battery where you can touch your tongue to both terminals at once, and in doing so receive a mild shock. I can remember doing that as a kid when the info was shared with me... o_O

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Did you ever wonder what's inside one? I did. Notice this one has a bit of corrosion.



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The electronic lock on my gun safe uses two 9-volts.
My metronome (tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock)
My smoke detectors
My scales (both ammo reloading for weighing powder and my bathroom scale)


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I have 2 of the lift chairs, that use a remote to help you to a higher position to get out of the chair, and to easily recline. Though they run on a power outlet, there is a 9v batter back up in each, so you can come to a standing position if there is a power failure.