What was the silliest thing you believed as a child?


Houston, TX
Silliest thing I believed as a child, and I really did believe! .... On my Grandparents farm where I lived for several years, there was a Smokehouse, which as a little kid (4-5 yrs. old) I found mysterious, and 'strange smelling', and something I was told to stay far away from.
No problem with that, as it kinda scared me.

I was told the reason to stay away is that it was the home of the Three Bears, (hence the smell) and they could come home at any time ....

I was in awe, little naive me!! ... I would just stand back from a distance and just stare at that smokehouse. ..... LOL

They (Grandpa and a couple uncles) played other tricks on me with stuff around the farm .... like "bird telephones" .. the white ceramic things on the fencing.. . "that was how the birds called each other".

Is that kid abuse?? .... But I really loved farm life and thought I was the luckiest kid alive.


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Ontario, Canada
I was careful not to swallow an apple seed because a tree would start to grow.
Also, I didn't want to get married because every female I knew that did always got sick after (hence the baby born 9 months later).
Driving on the highway and exiting East to a town; I always wondered how I would get to the West side of it.
Boy, I was really dumb about some things.


Connecticut, USA
As a child I believed the moon melted away during the night and a new one came out the next night.

When laughing and joking around at the table one night, I accidentally swallowed an ice cube. Freaked me out!!!!!

My mother just said "so what?" it was then that I realized my mother really didn't believe how stupid her daughter was.
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My sister once got me to eat a bowl of soup I didn't like by telling me there was a surprise at the bottom of the bowl. I ate the whole thing and found a flower (pattern of the dishes) at the bottom. I never fell for that again! (I wonder what I thought I might find??)


I thought when I went to sleep all my dolls came alive and danced, sang, laughed and had fun. I would try to stay awake to catch them but figured out if I was awake they would not come alive. It was magical. I wish it was true.
Like the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for! I used to place all my dolls at the end of my bed when I went to sleep. One night I had a nightmare they all got up and started walking towards me with real ugly looks on their faces. I remember screaming and suddenly I was awake and Mom was there. The only dream I remember from my childhood.