What's your great memory?


I just thought about Saturday mornings for me as a kid. My dad always got so pissed because I was up early (I had a hard time getting up early on school days). I would fire up the TV and watch cartoons... usually at a pretty loud volume (which would wake the whole house). And every Saturday morning my mom would set me up with a snack tray in front of said TV and serve me silver dollar pancakes.

I didn't have a good kidhood at home and these times were what gave me some sense of normalcy. Anyway - it's a great memory... Makes me wanna make some pancakes!

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I’m blessed to have so many to choose from that I can’t choose just one. Not so much from my childhood for sure. But choosing one at random, when my daughter was about three, she was sitting in a chair, all pretzeled up, chewing on her toenails! Me: why are you chewing on your toenails? Her (giving me a look like “duh”): They taste good! LOL!


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I have three:
1. My daughter was so little and just learned to walk. She saw me from
across the room and yelled, "Mommy! Mommy!" as she ran into my arms!
That memory will stay with me forever!
2. In a crowd of 500-600 people at a Buckminster Fuller, Jonas Salk lecture,
the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi got off the stage, walked deep into the crowd and
gave me and my two children each a long stemmed red rose!
This man was a living saint on the Earth! We were so far back he couldn't even
see us from the stage. I was astonished and humbled.
3. A Holy Angel of God appeared to me, radiating a huge blue-white light,
touched me on the forehead and spoke to me for a sustained period of time.
This was beyond anything ever experienced! I had published a few books about it.
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The day my son was born, I had an emergency Csection. I did not get to see him, they knocked me right out but I did get to hear my husband screaming "It's a boy, It's a boy" he had decided we were having a girl, my sister had just delivered a boy 5 weeks earlier. So he just knew we had a girl. I still think about it and laugh, the dear hubs screaming in excitement and joy. I think he about scared the staff out their scrubs.


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One memory that always stands out in my mind is when we would visit my grandmother's house in another state. I always had trouble sleeping in anything but my own bed, so my Dad would come in and slowly "rock" the bed by pressing his hand on it until I fell asleep. (I guess think "Waterbed"?) I know it sounds strange but it worked. He was a great Dad.

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What's your great memory?​

Too many to call one 'greatest'

But, this one stands out at the moment;

Didn’t happen today, yet still....it made me happy today

It’ll make me happy tomorrow if I think about it

A while back, wife and I went to church

It’s refreshing, sometimes, to attend a church


Anyway, there was a song service
I don’t sing
It’s not considered singing
So, there I was, mouthing the words.

A few rows back, a middle aged gentleman was singing his heart out.
A tenor, I believe.
I also believe he was a butcher by trade.
Cause he was doin’ a job of it on that song.
His voice, his voice literally hurt my good ear.

Seems there were several stanzas to that hymn.
He got louder with each one.
At the last of the chorus to the last stanza I looked back...

Had to

There he was, tears streaming down his face.

There wasn't any sun shining thru the big church windows


His face....beamed

He wasn’t a good looking guy

He literally wrecked the hymn

I’ve seen a lot of beauty
A lot
In nature, mostly

But this

Was the most beautiful thing

I have ever seen
An early memory... one birthday, my mom had bought me a new bathrobe. Instead of wrapping it, she replaced the old, worn-out flannel one on the end of my bed after I was asleep with the new one. So when I woke and reached down to the foot of the bed, I felt the soft/ fuzzy bathrobe. A lovely surprise. =)


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My saddest memory was seeing my uncle Ronnie , before he went into hospital for a quad heart bypass
I was 6 yrs old...He had Bought mum and i our favourite choc brazils ......
we waved goodbye......mum said " We will see you tomorrow At visiting times......
He died that night ....:cry::cry: He was 36 ...The Year 1961.....


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MY family orig from W. VA., so would visit down there
once in awhile....went to see an uncle (moms brother) who
was in hospital, cancer, he was my favorite and I guess I was
his favorite..he was very shrunken looking, called me to bedside
and he told me his fishing poles were mine after he was gone...two weeks later I dreamed he had passed in his sleep, later that day Mom got phone call and yes he had....that really
struck me.....

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So many to choose from for me, too.
One of my fondest is the first few months after I first brought my son home from the hospital. I was 20 years old, a new baby, new home, full of joy. I was a writer even back then, so to cuddle my son and write every afternoon while my hubby was at work, I wrapped him in a light blanket, and laid him along my right hip while sitting on the couch. I'm left handed, so my right hand was free to pat him, and talk to him to let him know I was right beside him. He napped often, but when awake was a quiet little guy, quite content to be there, I think.
Whenever I hear the saying, "joined at the hip", it has a special meaning for me.