When things were so cool they couldn't get any better?

Do you remember al those ads, articles, and TV news items, which said things were so cool that things couldn't get any better. We were at the height of technology. Nothing couldn't get better. Things like CinemaScope. OOOHHH!!! Automatic transmissions. OOOHH!!! Windows95 OOOHHH!!! PaperMate Pens OOOHH!! Jet planes OOOOOHHH!! Disney movies OOOOHHHH! Polaroid cameras. OOOHHH!.................................


My first computer, I didn't think it could not get any better, but they exceeded my wildest imagination Now it is my cell phone, I can do anything on it that my computer can do, plus more such as scan deposits, scan and pay for items, live picuture conversations with my grandchildren. I was an avid believer in Dick Tracy talking on his wrist phone, we can do that now, Superman flying faster than a bullet, rockets travel at speeds of 1700 mph in earth atmosphere. I once put a cape on and tried to fly from the back porch like Superman. It was a cool idea, but I only did that once. One thing that will never improve is fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.