Where to put 10K if not needed now

I'm 72, living in a lower income senior apartment complex (rent $1K monthly) and have 10K sitting in a credit union money market account. This 10K is above what I keep for "rainy day" and "emergency living" funds. Wondering, and asking your advice, on a good place to put these funds with maximum availability to grow. My only caveat is a 5-7 year window in case I do need the funds then. TIA


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Yes but even with 5% you will only keep up with cost of living

increases probably. A good recession proof common stock is ok but risky. Maybe worth waiting for it to rise into profit like Phillip morris

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This is a bit outdated but still good advice.

I have an American Express high yield savings. The interest is currently 3.40%, so monthly it is padding my account nicely. They sometimes raise it monthly, depending on the current status. At $25000 , it pays $850 a year. Nice!