Which travel plan do you prefer?


midwest USA
Assuming you are alone, would you rather go on a day trip
where you will be outside and some travel when you are not in the mood
but it is sunny and nice,
when the weather is bleak or rainy or not so nice but you are in the mood
and feel like going?
One or the other? I prefer the second.

When it comes to going places where there’s people I am extra particular and cautious .

I have to have options in case I need to modify plans so this needs to be included in the considerations.
Im very lucky to have an understanding companion. He’s a great sport.

Id say do what you are most comfortable with Victor. I can actually relate.

Aunt Bea

Near Mount Pilot
I am alone and I prefer to travel alone.

I can't think of anything worse for me than an escorted tour unless it's an escorted tour with matching shirts.



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Re Day Trips, I used to do a lot of traveling alone sightseeing, fairs etc & have been on some really great group day trips & one abroad to Greece. Never got a t shirt tho.. I don't travel alone by car out of the city any more due to 18 year old car, cell phone dead spots& mobility problems. Did go alone to the air show & am signed up for a group tour soon to the Very Large Array radio telescope site. Was as thorough as could be about exactly what kind if bus was being used. I guess at this point I'm more concerned about where going & how getting there than mood or weather unless I were actually sick or something.

Ruth n Jersey

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I like day trips in nice weather and never alone. I like to share the experience with another person. Absolutely no tours with a bunch of people and silly tour guides. I would much rather stay home.


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New Jersey
Because I like to go places outdoors, mostly where there's a body of water, I wouldn't want to go when the weather is rainy. I might want to walk the boardwalk or sit in the waterfront park and watch the ferries go by. Sometimes I take the train to said waterfront park and stay a few hours, otherwise I'd go to our timeshare which is right on the Atlantic ocean and stay for a week. I mostly travel alone now that my husband is gone. I have taken a couple of day trips in the past couple of years through AAA and wouldn't mind doing it again if it wasn't for CV-19. In fact, I'm wondering how I'm going to get to the timeshare since I use public transportation. Still haven't found out how they will implement social distancing.