Who has gone back to the gym?


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How have you found it? Any different? More busier? Well maintained? Do you have time limits?

I am a member of thegym, cheap and cheerful but not gone back yet as I prefer to go at quieter times but they have reduced opening times to 8-8 weekdays and 9-5 weekends, and got couple pals who go who are lot more serious than I am and they say it's fairly busy!

I might go and see what it is like at the weekend as before it was quiet, but going to assume it will be very busy as people who can't go before/after work now it isn't 24 hours will be going then.

we have a gym at work but it's also where patients do rehab therapy during the day. i want to go back but with COVID being considered airborne now i just can't bring myself to do it. 3 or 4 of us in there huffing & puffing sounds like a bad idea to me. i have stuff to workout at home with.


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No we haven't & not likely to. Doesn't matter that they have new rules for wiping down the equipment, face masks required and social distancing. People breathe hard, sweat, and like it or not lift their masks to breathe easier. With that in mind our safety outweighs taking a chance on the gym.

Stretch bands routines at home keep our muscles flexible. That and walking every day & even today @ 93 degrees this morning.