Woman gored by bison at Yellowstone after getting too close for photos


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A 72-year-old California woman trying to take photos of a bison was gored by the animal at Yellowstone National Park, park officials said Monday.

The woman, who was not identified by the park, "sustained multiple goring wounds" and was flown to an Idaho hospital Thursday, the National Park Service said. Requests for more details on the woman's condition were not immediately returned Monday night.



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On the entrance door to this thread it reads "SYMPATHY INC. IS NEXT DOOR"

I was visiting friends in Kansas in 1966 and they suggested we go chasing buffalo. So being that we were all 18 (stupid) we did. It was fun until a few of them decided they would now do the chasing. Thankfully there a fence not too far away.
I will admit that I touched a buffalo once at Yellowstone but to my credit I didn't have much choice. We were stuck in "traffic" and several buffalo were walking down the line of stopped traffic. I had the window open and the next thing I knew there was nothing in my sight but a windowful of smelly buffalo pressed to the car. So I stroked its hide. And then I had to wash my hand.


I guess I can relate... first trip to Sturgis back in 2004. We were riding (Harley) along the Needles highway through the Black Hills. What a ride! Lots of Bison and mountain goats... amazing to watch. Tap on the helmet and my husband pulled over so I could take a picture. Before I knew it he was yelling at me to get my a** back on the bike. A stampede was coming down the hill to cross the rode... lucky there was a car in front of us. What a thrill!


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I visited a Wildlife Waystation 35 years ago. An employee was taking a group of us on a tour. While I was standing next to a chain-link enclosure that had a large Mountain Lion in it, the lion walked up to where I was & pressed his side against the fence, then looked over his shoulder at me, as if to ask, "Well....what are you waiting for, I want to be scratched."
I can't resist petting any animal. I was scratching his back for a minute or two & he was purring when the guide yelled, "HEY...GET YOUR HAND OUT OF THERE!"
Well, at least he was in an enclosure; I wouldn't get close to a free-roaming Bison or any large animal.


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Not too long ago I was walking my dog along a fenceline where some cows were feeding so I started talking to them as I went by. Didn't stop or anything. Next thing I know there's a boom, boom, boom of hooves and this gigantic bull appeared snorting and stomping. I shut my mouth and angled myself and the dog to the other side of the road. Talk about unpredictable, no more bovine interaction for me.


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Similar situations have occurred at a national park I've visited that is home to wild horses. Despite an abundance of signs warning visitors to stay away from the horses and not approach them, there are always fools who feel rules don't apply to themselves personally. The results of trying not only to approach but pet the horses have included nasty bites, images of which are also posted for instructional purposes...


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Bison are not to be fooled with. They're big, and can be aggressive, as this foolish woman found out. But the important thing here is, was the bison wearing a mask? :rolleyes: :p