Wonderfully terrible movies of childhood...


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I remember those days as if they were yesterday...Saturday nights with a bowl of Jiffy Pop popcorn, plastered to my parent's old black & white TV set, watching Chiller Theater for its cheesy old horror and sci fy movies, like 1958's The Crawling Eye! Horror and monster movies weren't terribly graphic back in those days, and there was no blood or dismemberment depicted. The special effects were laughable by today's standards, but it was all great stuff to me back then. What are some memorably bad movies that you recall watching from your childhood?


They were all delightfully cheesy.. I am a connoisseur of really dreadful horror or sci-fi movies of the olden days.

I never could understand how The Mummy, while dragging a leg and with one arm wrapped to his chest, could always overtake and overpower a perfectly normal man.

And the sci-fi films......there was one director who was running low on funds and got hold of some headless gorilla costumes and some old diving helmets. VOILA! Killer space apes. Just don't ask why......

We would stay up late every Friday night and watch Selwyn the Ghoul or Sammy Terry present "The Best of the Worst".
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We used to have a locally produced television program on Saturday called Monster Movie Matinee that has become a sort of cult classic. The actors were all employed behind the scenes at the local televisions station and the props were cobbled together by the staff.



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Outer Limits or Twilight Zone had one called "Crater Man" that scared the life out of me once when I was alone babysitting (age 12) and the lights were all out. I wanted to show you a youtube of it so I googled "Crater Man" and all I got was "How to make a Cake":LOL:. I've made one or two of those when it sinks in the center.

It was about an astronaut that crashed on the moon and couldn't get back for a long time. He had craters all over his body including his head and face. He would walk around at night in neighborhoods and peek in their windows. I don't remember him hurting anyone. But kept thinking he would.

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Svengoolie is on MeTV every Saturday night with all those good horror and Sci-Fi movies.
I tune into Svengoolie but these little guys annoy me.


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Frank and the boys were awful slow movers to catch humans.
The best looking monster of that era was 'the Creature from the Black Lagoon.' [best looking :unsure: authentic]

'The Thing' wet my 10 year old pants
Dracula, not scary, skirt chaser
Are zombies supposed to be scary?

Todays angels and demons-what's that about:eek: