Word of the Day - Cacophony


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I was attending a funeral service on year and nudged the person next to me and quietly said, I swear I hear a cacophony in the casket.
Well, ya know how careless some medical professionals can be when they say someone is dead.

There was a story about a guy who died of dysentery, which causes diarrhea. The mortuary didn't do a very good job of cleaning him up, so when the pallbearers carried the casket, it started leaking.
One guy let go of his handle & started to walk away.
The Priest said, "Hey, what are you doing?"
The guy said, "Listen. If that bastard can s--t, he can walk."

In the Adelaide Hills most every morning our pleasant silence is broken by the cacophony of screeching Little Corellas flying overhead in their hundreds. They feed in large noisy flocks. The birds feed mainly on the ground, and have to drink on a daily basis. The most common foods are grains and grass seeds. Some bulbs and fruits may also be eaten
They are not particular what or whose grains and seeds they eat and can strip orchards and vineyards in a short time
This tree with what looks like blossom on it is actually full of Little Corellas
Farmers often use gas guns to scare the birds away but they keep coming back and are in plague proportions unfortunately