Would you go for a swim here?

Thanks so much for posting this thrilling video Radish Rose!

We will be flying back to our favorite place in Kauai just as soon as there's a vaccine and it's "safe" to fly again.

I thought we had been everywhere on the island, but have never been there. In fact I never knew about it, but after doing some investigation we know how to get there now. It's called "The Queen's Bath".

I was such a daredevil at their age, and a very strong swimmer, so I may have tried it back in the day. We might hire a private helicopter to take us there, it wouldn't be the first time we've done that in our travels. Besides there is only a very long foot path to get there and that I'm not doing!

Geeze now we are itching to travel again!!


Yeah. Second thought, I like living too much to risk something so crazy. If the tide coming in weren’t so strong then I’d do it but that’s one crazy undercurrent. Even trying to make it up to the ledge is so dangerous due to the force of the water. If you missed the ledge the first time then you have to pray you get to the ledge before the next wave shows and and since you’re heading into the cliff the water force could easily bash your head open.
I wouldn’t like that much but if the water current wasn’t so harsh I’d jump in.
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