Would You Sit Here?

Gary O'

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One gets used to heights after a bit, but my Dad was petrified of heights, never got used to it.
He finally relented when we asked him for the umpty umpth time to join us for a visit to the Astoria Column

astoria column.jpg

He got noticeably edgy going up the stairs


But when opening the door at the top, completely froze


Couldn't peel him off the wall

Great views, however



London England
If I find myself at an edge, up high, I tend to peer over for a look, but only from the side, never full frontal
I hate to look down, but the worst for me oddly, when I'm up on a height is to look UP>.. then my legs just go from under me... 😧

the story of your dad up the Astoria column reminds me of the day I went up to the top of the column at the Ashridge estate close by .. long before the internet so I couldn't check reviews.

Hundreds of steep spiral stone stairs in a tiny narrow area with loads of people all heading for the top, so I couldn't go back down even if I wanted to..which I did.

What I hadn't realised when we got to the top, was that the railings that look as though they are high and protective when looking from the bottom, are actually only about 3 feet from the door , and not full size... so with all the other people crowding on..I actually froze with fear. I was stuck to the wall and couldn't move. I couldn't even speak. ..it took ages for my o/h to try and get me to move sideways towards the exit, and back down the stairs, I've never been so relieved in all my life.

I've conquered the worst of my height fears since those days, but I still can't look up when I'm up on any height or I'll freeze completely ...