You Get To Interview Three Individuals Living Or Deceased


Delaware, Ohio
Either Ada or Minna Everleigh (the madams of the infamous Everleigh Club in Chicago)
Grace O'Malley (the pirate queen of West Ireland)
Annie Oakley (because I was born on her birthday and she was a legend in her own time)


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East Coast
My Italian Grandma...She came to America with her husband at 16 years old....She didn't speak English.. I really never got to make a sentence
with her.… She was always in the kitchen making dinner for the family...But she was the cutest Grandma in my life....She lived till the age of
80 years old....I was in the Hospital giving birth and we were in the same hospital....When my baby was born....She asked my Dad "What is the
Baby's name:"....Dad told her in Italian....And, Bless her heart, she said what name is that....She never knew that name cause it wasn't an Italian
name....At the time Hospital's didn't want people that were sick in the Hospital to not see the Babies....We took a picture and she said in Italian
Bella....And kissed my Dad.....I never saw her after that....


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Jessie Turnbull .. Canadian Women's Rights Campaigner.

Josiah Henson .. fled Maryland to Ontario, Canada. Founded a settlement and labourer's school for other fugitive slaves.

Mathatma Ghandi or Mother Theresa.

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lead in: 'Shawshank Redemption,'
Morgan Freeman's conversation with parole board:
Morgan killed a man, now in prison for 30-40 years.
He said, 'I'd like to go back and talk to that young man (when he was a thug) and tell him...'

The most important person in our lives is ourselves, if we could only go back and talk to ourselves at the crucial times in our lives when we made terrible decisions.
Three times is not enough, but if given three opportunities
to save us from ourselves-what would you give for that?
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Sammy Davis Jr. So much talent in so many fields.

Buddy Holly. So many great songs written in such a short life (22 years).

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Buddy Holly. So many great songs written in such a short life (22 years).
My favorite 50s rocker.

And so it was disappointing to read back in the fall of '58 about an interview in which he said that the rock 'n' roll "fad" had about a year left to be in vogue and he would be devoting his efforts to pop music. To that end, he became involved with the Dick Jacobs orchestra which played what we kids back then called "old man music." Doubt if Buddy would have succeeded as pop artist.