Your worst nightmare jobs

I had no interest in doing any kind of accounting or bookkeeping. I'd have been bored stupid if that's all I had to do all day. My partner took care of that stuff when we owned a small business and, fortunately, he liked it and he was good at it.

A good buddy of mine got a long-distance truck driver's license and tried to talk me into getting one, too, but I wasn't interested. The pay was really good but I'd have to be away from my kids for days or weeks at a time, and I was a single dad.
I got a heavy-equipment operator's license instead. That paid even better, had the hours I was looking for, and the work was local.

I can't think of any kind of work I wouldn't do for a fair wage, but I turned down jobs that didn't suit my lifestyle; a single parent whose kids were priority 1.

But, kids or no kids, I wasn't cut out for any type of "white-collar" work, that's for sure. Grew up on a farm, middle kid in a large family, dad was a mechanic...I just didn't have the background. Nor the slightest interest.
You're a good man, Charlie Brown..
The worst job I had was working in a plastics factory. I was in a big room, all by myself with an enormous plastic pail making machine. About once a minute a big pail would drop out-my job was to put it in a box. Boring is not the word. An 8 hour shift felt like a thousand years.
Me too. The very worst job I personally had was a 3 month temp job in a plastics factory when I was 20. My sister and I both worked there..

the company made the front silver coloured fascias for Stereos, and for fridges and freezers etc...


My job was to sit in one place for 9 hours at the end of a line packing them... the boredom was off the scale. Every hour seemed like a week..and we weren't permitted to talk to each other.

My sister who was in another department sitting at a table all by herself had it worse.. her job was to literally wipe any dust off each part, and put it in a box.. wipe, stack..wipe stack...*ugh* the memory... and some of the people who worked there had been there for Years... we were just glad to get gone after our temp stint..
A garbage man/person. This is different from rubbish/trashmen. Garbagemen were popular before all houses had garbage disposals in the kitchen sinks. In every backyard was a garbage pail with a metal lid. Maybe some of you remember these. The garbage people drove big stinky trucks loaded with buzzing flies all around. The stench of slimy wet garbage was awful. I could never handle that job without vomiting. It's just so sickening especially in hot weather. :sick:
Once I watched a documentary on a man who drove reusable baby's diapers to the laundary and back to the parents. He said that he even could distinguish several quarters of the city by the smell of the diapers that came from the food the babies got. I couldn't do such a job.
Reforestation tree planter. Backbreaking, exhausting work performed in miserable conditions (always freezing temps and precip involved) while maintaining minimum contract standards. Usually a million miles from "town" while camped out under the same conditions.