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One of my favourite LPs has pretty well worn out and with some difficulty I found an accessible copy on Youtube. I installed a copy of 'Youtube-dl' but the download was chronically slow. On investigation, many people had complained about this and it was suggested that youtube had deliberately slowed downloads. Anyway, a new downloader called yt-dlp was available and it runs like lightning - seconds instead of minutes.

Not sure what platforms it is available for. I use Linux and run yt-dlp from a command line .


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I've been using Open Video Downloader, which is a GUI for youtube-dl, and I agree... It is slow!

I'll need to try yt-dlp. There's a version for Windows.


on IRC (internet relay chat) in the undernet server there is a channel called movies4u where you can download all manner of music, tv series,movies and epubs.


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Here's the one that has worked for me for years. (I did try some of the others mentioned above, but they had various issues for me.) When YouTube changes its coding, Dishita updates his extension, and it auto-updates on my computer. This is for Firefox:

Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express
by Dishita
A simple extension for superfast and easy YouTube downloads in FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, 720p, and 1080p formats.

ADDED: The above puts a button on YouTube pages that you click to select what format you want. This has been so useful that I've donated to Dishita (the maker) a couple of times over the years.
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You can record the audio via Audacity, a free open-source program for recording audio. Then, export the recording as an MP3 file, saving to your computer.

It is easier to do than it sounds. If you need help, let me know.
Audacity is a comprehensive application for technically knowledgeable users that can be confusing to use unless one opens the user manual and uses web searching to figure out confusing operations. All my 200+ MP3 player Classic Rock music songs were legally recorded with audacity for personal only use on my tiny SanDisk Sansa player from audio off FM radio or youtube.

So a key advantage of recording the audio is that is not the much more copyright protected higher quality of a direct digital copy ala Napster, but rather the processed from whatever Internet created audio frequency stream that is output to one's computer speakers. Just like people have been doing for decades, crudely copying processed audio off FM radio station public broadcasts.
Yeah, Audacity has a lot of features. But for recording you only need to click on the red button to start, and the stop button to stop. To edit, just use your keys to highlight a portion and then use your computer delete key. To go beyond that can get a bit tricky, but for what I do, I don’t need to go any further.