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    Is anybody in a new relationship?

    New relationship?? No,- -same old, same old. Our relationship is like some of your old clothing or a pair of your favorite shoes -so, so, comfortable - -but wearing out just the same. :)
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    Conversations with my husband, yes, he really says stuff like this, and my various mishaps

    Aneeda stated; - - -"Good thing I don’t wear dresses " Maybe now it's the time to start!! 🤣
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    Happy Birthday Pappy

    Happy Birthday to a fellow old-timer. Have a good one!!
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    How did you and significant other meet?

    We met on a blind date in the summer of 1953. She had just turned 17 and was a junior in High School, I was in the first year of a 4 year hitch in the Coast Guard at the much more mature age of 20. :) We dated for 2 years, were then engaged for 6 months and married in 1956. This coming...
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    Who Won't Opt For The Vaccine

    Interesting. Maybe we had the same shot? I had some sort of shot while in the military - -mid 50's. Of all the members of the ship's crew, I was the only one left with a bad reaction. Joints froze up and I had to be carted off to the hospital in an ambulance. Can't recall what the shot...
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    My sister passed away yesterday....

    Sorry to hear of your sister's passing.
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    Oregon becomes the first state to decriminalize hard drugs like cocaine and heroin

    I guess your info will limit my driving ability after a stop at Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks. Have to call someone to come and get me if my mind isn't altered to the extent that I can't operate my phone. 😀
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    Oregon becomes the first state to decriminalize hard drugs like cocaine and heroin

    I do as well, but I would assume that the same goes for some forms of the so-ca;;ed "drugs". In my particular case, it's the hypocrisy of alcohol users ( nor necessarily abusers) who constantly complain about the same (non abusers) who partake of marijuana as a recreational outlet? I use...
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    Instinctively knowing something is wrong concerning your child

    We could also wonder if the child (depending on age) knows there's something amiss with their parent (s). What does the child make of parents arguing , cursing, displaying violent behavior towards each other? Isn't this what children see in many cases of parents separating and/or divorcing?
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    Couple find $25,000 worth of rare coins in new home, return them to owner.

    Nice to read an article like this, for a change.
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    Arkansas group offering $10,000 and a free bike to new residents

    I didn't read the article, but do you have to stay longer than a week to collect? :D
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    Prince Charles, a fascinating insight into his childhood

    We've been enjoying the episodes of "The Crown". It is TV but hopefully somewhat factual.
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    Holy crap, just counted all my cars

    Registered my first car, a 41 Mercury, back in 1951. Since then I've only had 14 vehicles. My 2 favorites were a '70 Ford F250 and a '63 Split window Corvette. The truck was new and the "vette was 2 years old. Kept that one for 13 years.
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    No More Petrol or Diesel cars 10 years from now..

    It'll give new meaning to, "let's not go today - - I think it's starting to cloud over.":D
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    Waiting In A Line For A Great Meal.

    I have to add that my wife is a great cook. Reads and enjoys it almost like a hobby. As for me, I can put together a terrific can of Campbell's soup, even with crackers, but change the brand and I might falter.☹️