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    When to stop buying presents for grandchildren

    Very simple and very easy. We've been handling our Christmas gifts in a similar manner for years. Entering the attitudes of the family members is a separate situation. These kids and grandkids have been brought up and their attitudes have been formed by the older family members who preceded them.
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    How far away do you live from the place you were born?

    I still live in the home where I was born. The house was built by my grandfather in 1921 and I was born in '33. It's passed from my grandfather to my mom, to me, and now to our youngest daughter. We gave her the home in 1995 while retaining a life lease to live out our days here. As we move...
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    Are you at all interested in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

    No, but then, I've never been a fan of the Olympics over the years. Nothing new this year.
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    Cleveland Indians will become Cleveland Guardians

    You might be missing the reason for dropping the name. A local school team was chastised for the use of the slogan B--- Devils. The emphasis was on "Devils"and the complainants were conservative Christian groups who decided that "devils" were to be defiled, not revered? Takes all kinds.
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    Schizophrenia linked to marijuana use disorder is on the rise

    Like alcohol use, excluding the "rubbing" type? :D
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    Do you keep your dwelling locked all the time?

    Same here and it's been that way since my grandfather built he place in 1921. The house and property have never been out of the family since it was a King's Grant long before the Revolution. This property and two others, making up maybe 5 acres in total, are all that is left (in the family)...
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    Christian Music for those who enjoy it.

    "In The Garden". One of my favorites, from back in my church-going days. In my later years I became what our preacher used to call a " home Baptist". The folks that you only see at Easter and Christmas services.
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    Just Learned My Doctor Is Not A Doctor

    Did you have to have it (one one of them ) removed ? I think I was told that, of the people who suffer from kidney stones, only around 5% or so are caused by those glands. Back in my 40's I started suffering from stones. Had to have 3 removed over a few short years. in those days they opened...
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    People born in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s

    Same here, Lewkat. A lot of water under the bridge in our case.
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    Nice to have another new-comer. My greetings arrive from here in southcoastal Massachusetts.
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    How do you feel about people that keep looking at their watch while talking to you or...

    It's getting tougher and tougher to NOT look at your watch (or doze off) when someone starts droning on about their latest conspiracy theory. Especially when the same theory, or a similar one, seems to pop up every time that you meet them. I don't think looking at your watch is impolite in these...
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    Soy insulated wires in Tesla electric cars being eaten by rats

    Sounds like you've been watching James Cagney movies out of the 50's. šŸ¤£
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    53 Years Ago Today......

    Congrats Diva. Always nice when we're still around to see our young ones develop.
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    Canadians Toppling Statues of Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth ll

    And when they find a charismatic leader it gets really bad and sometimes irreversible. Among others both before and after his time, think Hitler in the years leading to WWII.