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    What to make with extra Cilantro?

    My son loves this herb. I add it to mashed avocado and onion if I have it around and call it guacamole. On salad, on beans, on hummus. Your salsa sounds good. {What RadishRose said!}
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    I agree, Ronni. during that particularly bad period, while I was living in England, the psychiatrist gave me a prescription for 15 anti-depressants. I took one every day for five days and then, added to the behavioral modifications, I felt ready to put them aside. I took the remaining ten...
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    @Nathan, Wow, I never knew there was a word for fear of driving. I had that so bad when I was younger, I didn't manage to get my license until I was thirty. I still really hate to drive and rarely go outside my little town. @Lavinia, I think it's simply being out of my element with...
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    Agoraphobia is creeping up on me. I've always been a homebody and it's getting much worse. Lately every time I leave the house it becomes a huge stressful event. I've already talked about getting confused at the polls early last month. Then it was a few other things. I decided not to go to...
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    Did you have a teddy bear, what was its name, its sex?

    That's horrible, Caroln! Really. I had a similar, but not nearly as traumatic, experience when I came home and my mother was burning a few, less important, old dolls. I was about thirteen and she probably thought I had outgrown such things and none of my favorites were being cremated but it...
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    Gardening for nature, walks with my dogs and the books I’m reading.

    Wow! I'd like to sit in one of those blue chairs all afternoon and just drink in the beauty.
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    Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac has died at 79

    My son was just telling me he went to a Fleetwood Mac concert and was a little bit bored, but then she started to sing and he got chills, her voice was so pure and strong.
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    Books! How do you read and what do you read?

    Sounds like a great project, Buckeye! I've never read Maugham, but, "Of Human Bondage," is one of my favorite movies, so I should try the source.
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    Books! How do you read and what do you read?

    Great list Mark! I think I've read and enjoyed most of those, I liked "A Gentleman in Moscow" but was a little disappointed because I had thought his "Rules of Civility," was one of the best books I ever read. Anne Tyler is one of my very favorites.
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    Are you a wino? : )

    My parents were tea-total, just as a matter of principal. My mother's family were Methodists and at that time Methodists didn't drink and were very active in the temperance movement. My father's family were Presbyterian and I actually think he went along with my mother because drinking is an...
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    Mother loses peripheral vision from apparent exposure to mercury in beauty creams.

    I read that whole, lengthy article and couldn't find the names of these products which would have been useful. I used a skin whitening product for about a year, trying to fade a patch on one cheek that was slightly darker than the rest of my face. It only succeeded in making a white stripe...
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    Did you have a teddy bear, what was its name, its sex?

    I still have the one I got for my second birthday, picking him out in a toy store is my earliest memory. He looks a lot like Gary's bear only the plastic nose part is cloth on my bear and it, too, was damaged by a dog --my punishment for leaving him at my parent's home when he should have gone...
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    What's Your Favorite Christmas Card Theme?

    I love a Victorian scene best, but I buy a variety, so I can send Santa based ones to families with small children, religious ones to my Christian friends, nature scenes or humorous ones to my non-religious friends. Matching the card to the person is part of the fun for me.
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    Starting WW and got rid of the Alli.

    It's always worked for my best friend, too. if there was a chapter in my area, I would join. I know there are online WW sites but I've always thought the support from the meetings, knowing it's coming up, would be the best part for me. My mother joined the first WW chapter in our town way...
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    Moderators of online forums, have a lot to tend to imo, Senior Forums, is by far moderated well, I think.

    I agree. I belong to several boards, to talk about specific things, and this one is so much more relaxed, yet never seems to get out of control I once belonged to a political board and I'm surprised it never burst into flames.