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    The One and Only ELVIS Please..

    I bought myself an Elvis-inspired “TCB” ring on Amazon, and feel better just wearing it!
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    How Well Do You Know Your Bladder?

    I want an external auxiliary bladder like the one in the Myrbetriq commercials that resembles an apple, has large expressive eyes, and I can take places like a pet...
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    Saskatchewan Mountie charged with First Degree Murder

    Say it isn’t so!
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    It is every man for himself in this world,....!

    We are all interdependent, and so are not truly alone except for some times and under some circumstances. So trust, but verify...
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    Do you blog? Does anyone read it?

    I see forums as kind of a variety menu, whereas a blog is more of a specialized interest kind of thing. With a forum, you browse, and if drawn by a category you spend more time there. It's a passing parade, a smorgasbord. A blog tends to be more focused and consistent. I've blogged...
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    New Disney Channel gives warning:

    I grew up watching a fair amount of cartoon depictions of ethnic minorities now considered racist by today's standards. They didn't warp me. I always thought that this Disney cat was just really cool on the keyboard, and had some great Asian friends in school...
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    New Disney Channel gives warning:

    While we're at it, just keep an eye on Mickey, OK?
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    Mother's Day for those without good memories...

    I'm glad that most here have good memories of their mothers; really, I am! It's almost heretical to speak of some mothers in less than glowing terms, but surely some of you can relate. As someone who had a bad female parent, perhaps some can run against the mold, and commiserate a bit, for...
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    Well, I guess we're safe for now. But Chicken Little was a righteous little dude, far ahead of his time. Maybe some enterprising person can fish this 20 ton chunk of space debris out of the Indian Ocean and return it to Walmart, purveyor of goods from China...and watch the skies! 🙀
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    Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

    "Desiderata" needs to be considered in its entirety, and for what it is. There is much wisdom in it, and even beauty, but it is dated in many regards, a product of the age of its production, and not all parts of it apply equally or comfortably to everyone. I think that roles and life stage...
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    Favourite Disney Heroes and Heroines...

    Maleficent, a wonderful spin on the Sleeping Beauty story!
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    music to get a speeding ticket to...

    How about Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia?
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    Are we living in a simulated universe?

    I would rather believe in the notion of parallel universes than the idea that we're living in a simulation. "Infinite diversity in infinite combinations," as the Vulcans might say...
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    Can you actually believe William Shatner is 90 years old ?

    His hosting of a number of paranormal shows such as the UnXplained always makes them memorable. William Shatner has also written some surprisingly good science fiction! "The Shat" is where it's at... 👽
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    Remember being a "kid", and not a baby, nor an adult?

    I liked being a kid, and didn't resent being one. Teenagers were not quite kids but not quite grown-ups, either. Teenagers did yucky stuff like kiss the opposite sex, which was mush. A kid usually doesn't want to be a grown-up either, since they have to go to work and worry about grown-up...