Primarily a writer, authored books, write poetry and monthly feature articles in magazines. I sculpt, for bronze ,design and paint. and, I'm a nut-case!
Not religious but extremely spiritual.
Deeply intrigued by parapsychology, metaphysics.
Books: " Actual Angelic Transcriptions" out of print
"Angels explain Death and Prayer" (Amazon, barnes and Noble)
"Angels Explain God and the new Spirituality" (Amazon, Barnes and Noble)
Paintings: " My Montana Western Art"
Sculptures: "My favorite thing to do while I'm stuck in the house"
New Mexico U.S.A.
Marital status
good dog
Previous Locations
Montana, Alaska, Colorado, Calif.
bronze sculptress, writer, fine art painter, designer, cartoonist, author,
Favorite Music
late 50's/early 60's ROCK AND ROLL, R & B, instrumentals,OLD country,other stuff
Favorite Books
Metaphysics, fine art, varied non fiction, Emerson, Goethe, Mark Twain, some history
Favorite Movies
Notebook,Seabiscuit,Rough Riders,Lonesome Dove,Iron Mask,,Time Travel Movies,
Favorite TV Shows
old b & w romantic comedies, old Star Trek ,Taxi, Gunsmoke, Mom, Fox News R.Gervais


Truth against the world.


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