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    What will lfe be like 100 years from now?

    I wouldn't dare try to predict but just for fun, read the book Station Eleven by Emily S. J. Mandal. It's fiction, very readable, published and released in 2014 and future HBO miniseries. It might help the stage for a 2120. Sorry, I'm not trying to hijack your thread. I'm very anxious to...
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    Retirement Anniversary

    Congratulations, Deb. With that background, you must have amazing research skills.
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    Coronavirus pandemic could wipe out Social Security 4 years earlier than predicted

    Coronavirus might wipe it out in 4 years but eliminating its funding can do it sooner. Just sayin'.
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    Cure worse than the disease?

    I'm not a huge fan of government bailouts but I'm not in charge of that so I watch, listen and wonder along with the rest of America. Wasn't the $2.2 trillion CARES program - supposed to help honest, hard working small business...
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    Japanese Lusterware

    I love it and if I was still in the displaying my stuff part of my life, I would buy in a heartbeat. That time has come and gone.
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    What was the very last thing you refused to do?

    Refused to talk politics with a caller.
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    Updated CDC guidance acknowledges coronavirus can spread through the air

    As I understand it, a mask will catch most droplets but not particularly aerosols. I heard it explained like this. Think of aerosols as smoke. It can travel long distances, can linger (crowded, close room), and can be wind-driven. Any non-smoker who remembers spending the evening in a...
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    Maybe some good news from the CDC

    I still think the only numbers that count in the big picture and need constant publicity is how many deaths ( with ages ) and how many recover but are left with health complications, also with ages. The number of new cases who have it and recover completely grows less important everyday.
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    Let's post a thread about something completely stupid (and see how many respond)!

    I thought I already saw them everyday but maybe I'm just looking too hard. No offense meant because it really is all about having fun, isn't it?:p
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    I have lost sleep over this....

    If you wanted to mess with her, you could always mail her just the opened envelope without your return address, of course. Yours may not be the only such letter she has given out. The letter itself? Burn it and never speak or think of it again. Doing as she asked would be beyond cruel.
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    This is really interesting

    Is it possible, s. dog, that you are looking a little bit too hard for a conspiracy? Just askin'.:confused:
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    Are we getting too "virus" crazy?

    Reading this thread was proof once again that Canadians have a lot more common sense than we Americans.
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    Is your library online

    I read with a Kindle and download books from my local library. It's been on line for several years.
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    Florida 5th grader asked to remove Hooters-themed mask

    I read the same article in yesterday's paper and my first thought was about the parent. With all the other problems teachers and administrators are having now trying to do their job as well as keeping the children safe, why are you so intent on causing them more problems? Teach your son the...