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    What are you doing today?

    Welp they scanned for a brain, it was there, then chest xray, then many EKG, and BP checks...gave me bottle of salt water into the vein...bottom line they think I was dehydrated due to this warmer weather....they didn't check my ears....told me to be more careful standing/rising we will...
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    What are you doing today?

    Today I'm heading to the Urgent Care Center, to get my head check (LOL) due to having bouts of dizziness/vertigo this week end....dunno what they can do, new brain maybe!!! :giggle:
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    OMG! She's Here! Please Help Me Welcome My Dear Friend Feywon

    Welcome from missouri !!!!
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    Sorry, but I see a toe pinch or worse coming down the road.....
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    Mandy Takes a Walk

    That is so funny...I normally dislike costumes on pets, but that is a good one.....
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    Want to fish, these guys know how, :)
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    "We Are Veteran Owned"

    I just now saw the adv again for the "Wounded warrior Project" is confusing to say the least...they have Wounded Warrior Project, Wounded, and another title i can't recall....but why so damn many divisions? Oh I know, to get more money!!!!!o_O
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    Train Crosses Busy Highway That Has No Flashing Lights, No Warning Bells No signs or Crossing Gates

    Okay, I need to know, where is this? Was it due to a de-railment? I don't see any tracks there?? what gives???
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    Can You Identify these 70s Shows by Just One Image?

    Well got bored but what the heck...34 out of 35 with a 40 streak.....funn....
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    My wonderful Wife, Sue passed away

    So sorry for your loss....I well know what you are going thru.
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    Facebook is out to get me.

    would not give i.d. just a pic, but they have one.....
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    Facebook is out to get me.

    I had facebook awhile back...then in a series of blunders on the mouse, I deleted myself!!?? Anyhoo, I can no longer get on even tho I set new password and such...they want me to send them a picture I.D. ????? I have no way of uploading something like that.....oh well......:cool:
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    40 Years Ago Today, One of the Deadliest US Accidental Structural Collapses Happened

    Yes, lived down the road from KC a piece....that was a real disaster...turned out the rods holding the walk to the one above use only ab out 1/2 inch rods and nuts...they failed... Knew some of those that were there also....
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    What type of meals did you grow up on?

    A and surplus foods and B on rare occasionnn....