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    I declined to read/study required textbook for Yoga teachers training certification

    Yes I too am curious what their response will be.
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    Spending too much time on my screens

    I'm spending a little more time on the computer, partly just because I have more time during the pandemic (no commute, less time getting ready in the morning). It impacts me on the weekend if I don't pull myself away long enough to get chores done, but it was doing that before the pandemic too...
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    A Thought On Phones Today

    The managers use cell phones more than anyone, tho theoretically they are checking their work email constantly via their phones. Also, it allows them to be reached at all times (annoyingly also during meetings). Our director has a ring tone that sounds like bombs falling. Not sure who he uses...
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    A Thought On Phones Today

    When my daughter was in college there were several times she called me in the middle of the night while she was out partying and said her cell phone was almost out of battery. I bought her a couple purse size emergency power banks. I'm not sure she uses them but I haven't received any more...
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    A Thought On Phones Today

    That's a pet peeve for me that they are apparently easy to break. So not only do you buy a phone but then a need to buy a screen protector and a shock-absorbing cover. And they make the phones so hard to hold onto, but I got a nice grippy sort of case and also a pop-up stand/grip. Then a...
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    A Thought On Phones Today

    I still think it is so cool to facetime/duo-call with people. It used to bug me when my daughter was young and would wander around the house with friends on her phone and I'd be in my pajamas or something and feel all exposed. But now that she's off on her own it is so great to facetime with...
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    Blending the extended family - I seriously need advice

    When adopting children the advice is fake it til you feel it. Maybe that would work for blended families grandchildren. Also, activities for bonding work best if they include being face to face, action and laughter (such as going to the movies isn't as good for bonding as something like trying...
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    A Delivery Charge

    I wonder what the expenses would be tho? What would be the monthly payment on the truck, the gas/diesel costs, insurance cost, maintenance costs, employee cost for the driver, business overhead, taxes, would there be a busy season and a slow season? How many days a year would it be idle for...
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    When It Comes To Discounts, Often It Pays To Ask

    Sometimes I do, when my ancient fitbit wore out and I was on the website choosing a new one, I did the 'chat' option and asked if there was a discount and they gave me one. I was very surprised and happy. I like to search for promo codes for online shopping also, every once in a while I'll have...
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    My countdown has begun.....

    Congratulations on the upcoming event. I didn't realize how far along 2021 we were already, you counting down only 9 rotations to December makes the year seem to be going fast!
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    Would You Eat Bugs?

    That's actually good, because spiders are cat food (according to the cats I've owned).
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    Would You Eat Bugs?

    Now you are making them sound yummy, maybe a little cheese too!
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    Colorado vaccination site shuts down after 11 'adverse reactions' to Johnson & Johnson

    Yeah, that doesn't sound more supportive than when donating blood and they give a cookie and juice afterwards. It said a mass vaccination site, so I wonder if the people having the reactions were all in the post-shot waiting area together when it happened. We used to get TB tests at school...
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    Washington confirms 'breakthrough' COVID-19 cases after vaccination

    This is a truly awesome statistic, I see "cruise" in my future (probably not within my budget, but I will do daydream plans).
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    Would You Eat Bugs?

    Well I would have said absolutely not, but this thread motivated me to search on YouTube and I watched a video of a guy trying several different types that he bought at an open market (street food place I guess) in Thailand. It was creepy to watch but he liked them all. So I guess if I was...