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    Sad Thanksgiving 2020

    Will be just me and the dog for the holidays. Closest family is about 4 hours away but she's 89 years old and I don't want to risk her health or mine for that matter. Some out of state family are still holding out hope for a Christmas gathering but I expect I'll stay put.
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    Did You Accomplish Anything Today?

    I changed my cell phone plan in anticipation of buying a new iPhone tomorrow. To my surprise I got a lot a lot more for only an additional $3.25 per month plus HBO Max streaming for free. Of course I still have to add on the monthly installment for the phone. Still trying to figure out what...
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    So what does one do with their time?

    I retired at age 53 in 2003 from a full time job with the state government. After sitting at home for 2-3 years I decided to return to work on a part-time basis. After 11 years of part-time work I decided to call it quits and am now fully retired. I'm not much into physical activity due to my...
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    Who will your dogs belong to when you die?

    Though I am in good health right now, one never knows what tomorrow might bring. I have two dogs currently, both adopted. One was seven years old when I adopted her and is 14 years old now. The other I got as a puppy and is now 18 months old. Both came from the same rescue facility. Each...
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    If You Had To Stay In A Hotel Room Now How Would You Do It?

    I will have to deal with this at Christmas. I usually drive to Tennessee from my home in Texas. It's a long drive, 800 miles, and IMO too far for one person to drive straight thru so I have always stayed in a motel at about the half-way point. It's a moderate cost motel that I use because I...
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    What I couldn't get this week shopping

    My usual grocery store has been out of Ball Park frozen hamburger patties for weeks. They don't even have an off-brand substitute. The dogs warned me they are thinking about going on strike. I did, finally, find them at Wally World and got two bags.
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    Want To See If There's Consensus On Laundry Scent Additives

    Downy Unstoppables - all flavors. I primarily use it with towels and sheets.
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    Grocery Chain Replacing Name Brands With Their Brands

    Sam's Club (Walmart) started changing out name brands for their own "Member's Mark" brand several years ago. When I shopped there regularly I always bought Panera Bread frozen soup but they replaced it with Member's Mark soup. I liked and bought Land O'Lakes Half and Half. They replaced it...
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    Extremely frustrated, I can’t seem to fight this illness off.

    Sorry you are feeling badly. The Covid symptoms seem to vary from person to person depending on age, etc. The tests do not seem to be very reliable. Hope you get some answers soon.
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    Adjustable Base for Beds

    Anyone have an adjustable base for your bed? My gastroenterologist suggested I raise the head of my bed by six inches (put bricks or stack of boards under legs of bed) but my bed, mainly my mattress, is too heavy for me to do that easily. I tried a wedge pillow but found it to be so...
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    Do people still chew gum?

    I chewed gum only occasionally when I was younger. I have too much money invested in dental crowns and bridges to risk doing it now. I have worked with people who chewed gum and were obnoxious about chewing with their mouths open and making snapping and cracking sounds. Drove me up the wall, I...
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    "Is the lady of the house there?'

    I had a knock at my front door not too long ago. I looked through the window and saw a youngish man wearing a polo shirt with a tag that said the words "regional manager". I didn't open the door but talked to him through the window asking what he wanted. He said he was with "satellite tv" and...
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    Did You Accomplish Anything Today?

    I'm finished for the day but I think I did more than I realized: Gave the old dog her five daily pills Fed the old dog and the young dog Made up the bed and cleaned the master bathroom Made space in the storage room for some clutter I finally got off my kitchen cabinets. Broke down some...
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    What have you bought recently?

    Finally decided to ask the Dr. to write a script for a disability parking placard so I can park in the handicapped spaces a little closer to the stores. I expected to pay the guvmint $5.00 but the nice lady said they no longer charge for them.
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    Cost of getting hair cut

    Actually that is less than the usual going rate around here unless you go to Great Clips or something like that. I just budget for it every month and go on with it. I hate fooling with my hair and I don't date try to cut it myself for fear it might turn out like this: