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    Can anyone get in a nursing home?

    Yep, you have to meet medical criteria first. Then you have to qualify financially. As far as Medicaid is concerned you nearly have to be destitute (at least here in Texas) to qualify or if you have a bit of money saved up, you must spend it down to Medicaid's allowed guidelines. There are...
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    Frozen Baked Sweet Potato

    I love Sweet Potatoes, baked or fried, but frozen? Have run across this recipe several times the past few days. Apparently it's a "thing" right now.
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    Is Texas part of an alternate reality.... or an example of what is in store for America?

    I keep the ceiling fans going and the AC set at 75-76. So far it's been okay and we have been in the high 90's the last week or so. Too bad for our citizens that our legislature was more focused on voter suppression and abortion rights (there are none) in the last session than fixing the...
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    What's for dinner ( or lunch )

    Tonight I had a salmon patty on a Brioche bun with mayo, creamy hot sauce, tomato and lettuce. Served with Three Bean Salad and iced tea to drink. Dessert was peaches with cottage cheese.
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    Can I ask this here? If you use one of those medical alert gizmos, how do you like it?

    Yes, I love my Apple Watch. Tom86, you might look at the Phillips Lifeline website. They have several options for alert systems.
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    Can I ask this here? If you use one of those medical alert gizmos, how do you like it?

    If you happen to have a security system installed in your home most of those companies offer a "panic" button to wear if you need to call for help. Not sure if they would be of any use outside of your home however. I, too, have an Apple watch and it works as advertised if you fall.
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    What are you doing today?

    I got up earlier than usual. The dog thinks when some weak daylight peeps thru the blinds that it is time to get up. Today it was 6:10 am. No talking her out of it so got up, had my coffee, did some internet surfing, ate breakfast, then gave the dog her breakfast. Decided to go to Lowe's and...
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    Cake, cake, & more cake!!!

    Interesting. I have never heard of "pandan" before. So now I understand it's a leaf and bakers in Asian countries use it to impart a desired flavor in baking cakes, etc. Now I wonder does pandan have a specific taste comparable to an ingredient we use in our baking or is it just to make the...
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    What I couldn't get this week shopping

    My store is missing the biscotti cookies I enjoy with coffee in the mornings. I've checked the last 2-3 weeks and the shelf is still empty. Can't imagine why there would be a supply problem with cookies but it is rather irritating.
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    Cake, cake, & more cake!!!

    I prefer to bake rather than just cooking. My family especially likes pound cakes. I've tried many different recipes for pound cake but always go back to the one my mother used that is tried and true. We call it the "beach cake" because she always made it to take when we rented houses at the...
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    Are you going to stop wearing a mask now?

    Well, some of us are fortunate in that way. I have had the flu once, never again. I have asthma and respiratory conditions that are worsened by flu and/or colds. I get an annual flu shot and will continue to use hand sanitizer. To each his own I guess.
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    Are you going to stop wearing a mask now?

    I saw today that the grocery store no longer had their "mask required" sign on the door. The store employees were all wearing masks. Customers were about half wearing and half not. As for hand sanitizer, I developed the habit of using it when I worked for a home health agency and went to...
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    What Did You Have For Breakfast?

    Two cups of coffee. One half of an English muffin smeared with butter and almond butter. Small glass of Orange Juice.
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    What Brew Method Do You Use to Make Your Coffee?

    Currently I'm using a Keurig but it's for convenience and not good taste. I have a number of other types of coffee making gear including an OXO Barista drip coffeemaker (didn't make the best coffee IMO) , a Krups MokaBrew (actually two of them and I loved the coffee it produced), a Nespresso...
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    Anyone Worry What Will Become Of Them?

    Lived alone for almost all of my adult life. Never married and never had kids. I remember my Aunt and others chastising me for not doing so and saying I would not have anyone to take care of me when I got old. One can have a whole passel of kids and they may not take care of you. I worked in...