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    Monday morning "mania" question...

    TY, All...great choices..I like most, Too.
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    My ex-husband's wife

    @Leann..How compassionate of you💖
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    LAST WORD - Word Pairs

    Answer this
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    Word of the Day - Abrogate

    Abrogate...try.v. Def. : To abolish or annul by authority It was decided to Abrogate the rules.
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    National Lemon Meringue Pie Day - August 15th

    My Mom made the BEST!
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    Monday morning "mania" question...

    Which? 🤔 Bagel or muffin And/or muffins....... bagels Flavor?
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    Family Cosplay

    Wow! Great! 👍
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    Really Good Juggler And Comedian

    Wow! Clever... really enjoyed!👍
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    Alec Baldwin Will Likely Be Charged

    And...have it go nowhere!
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    Are there any actors you don't like to watch?

    Anyone say.....Nick Nolte.... another weirdo! 😝 Whoops! Really meant Gary Bussey...he gets weirder&weirder with age.🙄🤯
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    Saturday's "silliness" deux

    ⬆️...NO! You can't get rid of.... Surprised, no one it out for children's party. How ' him Buck-a-ride...who wouldn't take you up on that offer?😉
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    Three word sentence

    Surely, that's so! O
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    Michelangelo's Mistake

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    International Left Handers Day - August 13th

    they say...Left-handed people are extra talented
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    Saturday's "silliness" deux

    You've been given an elephant...🦣 You CAN'T get rid of it.... it a White elephant 🤭 What would you do with it?:unsure: