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    Stanley showed up yesterday

    Deb is having serious eye surgery so may be out of commission for a week.
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    What are you doing today?

    Optician appointment today. Definitely need new frames so that‘ll be a few $$. My husband is going to take a look at the AC before calling a repair company. It quit working last night; that had been the first afternoon we really used it. Last year we had a major service on it. This is our...
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    What are you doing today?

    Great gif. Not sure I should laugh because you’re obviously having a frustrating morning. Hope the MIL didn’t cause it.
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    Eye Floaters

    Good luck today, @debodun
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    Neighbor's home remodeling... I lost it today!

    You deserved to vent. You gave those contractors an inch and they took a mile. (P.S. Although unlikely, I hope get to see some pictures of the finished reno)
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    Do You Use a Fitness Tracker?

    Just looked at my steps today and they’re not enough and I feel the result of too much sitting in my office chair. It’s rather hot but I’ll try for a walk tonight: right now we’re being told as seniors (65+) to stay inside. I don’t think I’m that fragile. Actually fragile is what I’ll end up...
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    Anybody have some good inflation-fiting "Poor Man" meal recipes?

    Yesterday I picked up a reduced price package of of regular ground beef; it was $5.50 vs $7.50. This butcher shop does reductions quite often though this is the first time I’ve bought one. They usually do this when a weekly price is changing the next day. Half a pound of meat is oodles for us...
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    What are you doing today?

    Sending you hugs @Mizmo. A very sad day.
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    Show Us Your House or A Little Corner in Your Home!

    Clever idea. I was admiring it too and thinking you wouldn’t have to deal with weeds popping up.
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    Do you like really cold weather?

    Give me the dry heat. I hate cold and though the autumn weather can be beautiful it foretells winter.
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    have you ever found a family member on the Internet

    My mother and father were separated almost from the beginning. In the early 2000s my daughter emailed me a news photo of him in the early 60s; he’d done some daredevil stunt. My ex must have been doing some ancestry type thing to have found this.
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    Bad 70's Outfits

    Micheal & Honeynut were both fashionable.
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    Do You Use a Fitness Tracker?

    Mine is an app on my watch. Steps/distance are my main concern. It’s a motivator. If I notice that I haven’t done many steps, I’ll go for another walk. In reality my body knows, my mind just needs that little numerical reminder that I should do more. I have no interest in closing the...
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    What are you doing today?

    Yesterday I took a bus downtown; it’s only the second time I’ve done it. Logically it was less expensive than 3 hours of parking and there’s a two hour limit so I’d have to return and move the car. I’ll be doing this more often. I have an appointment with the optician this week so that solves...