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    Candid Camera Classic

    @fmdog44 thanks for the laughs. I had to show it to my husband. We were both there in 1965. I sure do remember those hair styles for the girls.
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    Those days were 50+ years ago. Good grief, where did time go?
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    A Second Language

    Do you speak a second language? Maybe more. My 18 GD was discussing this and I said that she should pick one that would help with a career. Suggestions. Chinese would be good but very difficult. As a senior, if I were still going to winter in Mexico, I’d be learning some Spanish. I’m...
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    How Many of Us Plan On Vacationing This Year?

    Yes & no. Right now we’re not allowed to travel outside one of three provincial zones. Even within this, the sites are already totally booked. So many campgrounds have closed to build condos, there’s more money it that. Last year we went a few times. Our camper is tiny and we prefer to...
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    A "I'm taking a break" thread May

    This is good news. Wishing you a smooth recovery. It’s already much better than expected.
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    My first job was in an soft-serve ice cream & pizza place. One hot long weekend, they ran out of the powdered milk for the mix. The boss told us to just use the other half of the mix. Only one young person of all the thousands complained that there was no flavour. We gave her a refund.
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    Is it selfish of me to want to receive cards or gifts for my birthday and Mother’s Day?

    That’s all I want for any occasion. It took a while to drill it into their heads. OP, did they all mistakenly get the impression that you don’t want anything?
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    We Have Panic Buying Of Gas In Our Area

    It could just be crime just for the sake of money and they searched for a large vulnerable company who they thought would pay. There have been disclosures afterwards of payments in Canada. Every time according to our news reports, including this one, they’ve been able to trace it back to...
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    It’s almost ice cream season. What would your cone of choice be? Or maybe you don’t want a cone, just a cup. Mine would be Mocha Ripple. Maybe Pistachio.
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    Covid Vaccines to 12-15 year olds - What are your thoughts?

    Or it go the other way. My friend is crippled because of polio. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee.
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    Clean comedians

    Amy was on Parks & Recreation. Tina won’t do stand up. She doesn’t like to work alone. They’re both great together or in a cast.
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    Suggesting Masking To Go On Indefinitely?

    Unfortunately, I won’t know with strangers. There have been some very vocal anti-vaxxers locally. If I can’t avoid them, I’ll wear a mask.
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    What are you doing today?

    More (((hugs))) from me too.
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    Clean comedians

    The best advice to a comic would be “know your audience.” I’ve never known anyone to refuse to listen to a comic because they were too clean.
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    Clean comedians

    Amy & Sarah are too over the top for me. It used to be a comedian became known for their pushing the limits. Now it’s the norm. Birbiglia’s mother told him to keep it clean, he’d stand out because of it. She was right.