Kathleen’s Place

Oh lord...it’s complicated. I’m a fair weather person...happy as a lark when all is going well in my life, fight depression when it isn’t. I’m a pollyanna and always think everything will work out. I love to read, organize fun parties, walk if the location is interesting, bake when the mood strikes, and make others happy. I love helping others but refuse to ask for myself. Let’s see...what else? Married 52 years, 3 sons, 7 grandchildren, 1 cat. My ideal vacation would be a remote mountain, lake, or oceam cabin. Not a fan of touristy places. I’m also a proud Irish gal. When we were kids, Grandpa would have his old cronies ask us what we would be if we weren’t Irish, to which Grandpa had trained us to reply,
“Shamed!” 😂☘️
Marital status
Boo cat
Previous Locations
Illinois, Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, California, Colorado, Ohio,iowa
Retired CNA, medical secretary
Favorite Music
Oldies, soul, country
Favorite Books
The Clowns of God (oldie). The Second Son (oldie) mysteries, family sagas
Favorite Movies
The Last of the Mohicans, The Mission
Favorite TV Shows
Monk, New Amsterdam, TheYoung Doctor, Schitts Creek



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