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  • Hey Shalimar. How is that air purifier working in your home? Is the air getting any better ?
    Now that I realize these messages go through the main forum feed, lets stick to pm’s
    Sorry :lofl:
    Hey girl. Maybe we can chat about hair & stuff here too.
    When you add colour to your hair, where do you apply it?
    Bangs? The ends? Or all over?
    What type of hair colour do you use?
    I use L’Oreal Colo Rista spray. It doesn’t rub off on clothes and washes out easily. I thought for sure I could leave a picture but I can’t.
    Hi. I hope you are okay now. Write me any time the mood strikes you, ok?

    Good to see you posting again!

    Ms. Shalimar, In regards to me previous message, I do know it's Tuesday.LOLOLOL. Actually just figured it out. Have a wonderful TUESDAY.
    One should never allow another to sway them from their personality, patronize
    Greetings Ms. Shalimar, Thank you most kindly for the "friend" request. I look forward to corresponding with you, my friend.
    Hi shalimar,
    Thanks for your message "it was really nice of you and im really pleased you've taken the time to send me a pm.
    When i joined the forum it was to talk to the older people of this world "thinking in correctly" that such people had had a life and would have experience of all lifes humps and bumps and like myself just wanted to share company for a short while each day,

    TO learn something every day is something ive always promised myself since i was a child, "But also be a giving person and not take & take & take,

    Now when i found such a forum and at a time when i lost a very much loved by us "but ill treated little dog"
    It was nice to have people who shared all those last few weeks of her life with, LOTTIE'S STORY.

    Now i wish you and and yours all the best and hope life looks after you, "you really are a nice person" you took the trouble to get in touch and thats a nice thing to do.

    Once again thank you for your concern,
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