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    What Is Your Neighborhood Walk Score?

    Oh so true! I always know I’ll be fine with whatever comes my way, as long as hubby is by my side. But, we are also blessed with caring and loving children and grands, so hopefully God will keep blessing us for years to come.
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    New Disney Channel gives warning:

    I’m so over it all!!!!
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    What Is Your Neighborhood Walk Score?

    We are a 54 walkable, 62 bike able. Very happy with were we live. residential, but quiet and pretty, bike/walking trail close by, and very walkable for groceries, coffee shops etc.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome from WI, Morning Glory! And thank you for the nice wish...all is well here and while cooler than I’d like, the sun it is a-shining🌞🥰
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    Do any of the ladies here cut their own hair?

    I do, when the mood strikes. It’s natural curly and thick so can’t mess it up too much. I go to Cost Cutters most of the time and maybe 1 out of 25 times I get a cut I actually like. I’ve gone to the sam person for years now, so why she isn’t more consistent is beyond me. Guess I don’t care...
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    Mothers Day Gifts.....

    You da man!!!!! ❤️ Personally? I would love the gift...except quartz...and maybe a single red rose 🥰
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    I use my cell phone for just about everything, and with fat fingers

    Hey...thanks!!!! That is good to know and will hive it a try!!!! 😊
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    Hello to all my new friends

    Carpe Diem, and welcome from Wisconsin👋👋
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    What Was the Last Movie You Watched?

    Tom Clancy’s “ Without Remorse” on prime. It was ok...sort of. Actually we didn’t like it as much as we thought we would.
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    Am I the only one that would like a senior forum such as this with

    I don’t see the harm in it, and a lot of value to many who are living alone. The nice thing about it is those who AREN’T interested in facetime, don’t have to use it. The choice is yours
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    Friends Only

    Hi Miss Jo 👋👋. I live in WI, and it sounds like we might be somewhat alike. I have traveled much of the US, but only Canada and Mexico ooutside of US. And have actually had little desire to do so. But I LOVE reading about other countries, love looking at the pictures, and traveling through the...
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    Has anyone ever had bad nose bleeds or had their nose packed?

    The new eyes are wonderous💕. It’s a whole new beautiful world through my new lenses 🥰
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    Has anyone ever had bad nose bleeds or had their nose packed?

    They didn’t, but I have my own theory. I had a severe allergic attack to my second covid vaccine and my left nostril was, I don’t know, I guess “sensitive” is the right word, following that. It didn’t hurt, it didn’t bleed. It just felt tingly or something. The week after the reaction, I...
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    Has anyone ever had bad nose bleeds or had their nose packed?

    I went through something last week that I think was akin to spending 5 days in a prisoner of war camp. Never in my 73 years have I ever felt such intense pain and awfulness. It started with a nose bleed...the first in my life . It didn’t just drip poured out, like you turned on the...