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    Who are currently employed?

    I'm still working full-time and waiting three years until I can get Medicare. I am so burned out by constant pressure & deadlines over the last 45 years that I would walk away tomorrow if I could. For 30 years I was a journalist with looming daily deadlines; now I work for a company that has...
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    My husband died suddenly one week ago

    Thank you so much, everybody. I really appreciate all your thoughts & words of support.
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    My husband died suddenly one week ago

    Funny how the holidays can turn from joy to sadness in such a short time.
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    What to do with old photographs?

    I have an old photograph of my grandparents' wedding from 1932. It's very big - about 48 inches high, and too big for my scanner. I'd love to get it either copied or restored for framing. Would a photography shop be the best place for this? I also don't want to spend a fortune.
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    Retirement - how to time it

    Thanks everyone for all your replies!
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    Retirement - how to time it

    I plan on retiring from my full-time job at 65 (it's too stressful and I've had enough!). I'm planning to sell my house in Philadelphia and use the equity to buy a smaller, very inexpensive one in a 55-up community in southern NJ. I'm having trouble deciding how to time it - sell my house while...
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    Is Your Home As Tidy As Before

    My house is tidier and cleaner than it's been in the last 20 years! Now that I work from home, I find plenty of time to clean and rearrange areas that I used to neglect. Also I went through a lot of drawers and threw away stuff I didn't need.
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    What books are you into recently?

    I've been devouring sports biographies and autobiographies the last month or so. Just started reading "Doc," by Doc Gooden. If you like baseball, it's a great read.
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    grocery pick up

    I have a pickup at my grocery store tomorrow, too. I ordered it on Saturday, the 4th. It was so long ago that I forgot what's in the order (LOL). And I spent about $200, with no paper products or alcohol, too.
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    Insurance Companies Offering Cutbacks on Premiums

    State Farm says its giving a 25% credit beginning with June statements. Fingers crossed!
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    Today Just Like Any Other Day At The Grocery Store

    My local Giant announced that 6 am-7 am would be for those 60 and up. I thought, great! When I arrived yesterday morning at 5:45 am, the line was maybe 75 deep. There was no meat, hardly any laundry detergent except for the organic brand that was really expensive, the freezer section was bare...
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    What kind of news sites do you like?

    New York Times - I subscribe MSNBC Philadelphia Inquirer - My hometown paper, I also subscribe CNN SmartNews - on my iPad, it's a news aggregator from all different sources
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    Need a dental plan.....

    I'm in kind of a pickle because I have dental insurance through my employer that pays absolutely zero for anything beyond fillings, x-rays and cleanings. I now need a crown and a partial bridge. I thought, how much could they possibly be? I thought maybe $350 for the crown. Wrong! My dentist...
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    Gene Hackman's birthday

    Two of my favorite Hackman movies are Marooned and The Conversation.
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    Have You Ever Watched A Series More Than Once?

    The Sopranos and Mad Men. Loved them both!