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    How far is too far? (animal rights)

    Humane treatment of all animals, and conservation efforts of endangered species, is extremely important to me. However, I do not support the tactics employed by PETA. I do support many of the thoroughbred horse rescues, they do a terrific job saving thoroughbreds from slaughter in Mexico and...
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    affordable desirable senior housing communities

    I'm always shocked at the sticker prices of senior housing ... they must think that everyone retires with a pot of gold.
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    What Was Your First Sign Of Aging?

    I saw pictures of myself and was shocked that my face looked so old. I guess when I looked at myself in the mirror every morning it didn't hit me that things were changing so rapidly. A few photographs changed all that. Also, my daughters and I take a group photo at the same statue every 2-3...
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    The fire in Australia frustrated me and pity our planet.

    I read these posts even though it makes me incredibly sad.
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    Need help making my home safer

    Thank you!
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    Need help making my home safer

    I use it all the time! Yesterday I used it to plug something into the back of my computer.
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    Ladies, would you travel solo?

    Has anyone here traveled solo to Las Vegas? I have never been there and I want to go, badly.
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    Need help making my home safer

    My husband is disabled and that grab bar you mentioned would be great for him. Could you tell me the exact kind you got on Amazon?
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    Need help making my home safer

    This is a great idea about the timer. I've forgotten things I've put on the stove, like when I hard boil eggs (I must admit not that often). A timer would remind me to shut it off.
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    Windows 7 Support Stops in January.

    I had an old Dell that ran Windows 7 with no problems. Then I read about Microsoft terminating its security updates for Window 7, and so I reluctantly bought a new inexpensive Dell that has Windows 10 preloaded. My old Dell didn't have the capacity for Windows 10. I really didn't want to buy a...
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    Just prepared my will online

    A few years back I drew up my will and had it notorized at the bank (I'm in Philadelphia). I will in all likelihood leave very little for my two daughters to squabble over, but I wanted something in writing anyway. I wanted to emulate my mother - she had everything in order, in a file, so that...
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    U-Haul to Stop Hiring Smokers

    I'm with you! I refuse to stay in any hotel that isn't completely non-smoking. I want to go to Las Vegas (never been there) but most of the hotels are attached in some way to their casinos, and thus allow smoking. It's hard to find deals on the non-smoking hotels, which are largely those of the...
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    Do You Use Your Direction Signals When You Drive?

    I use my turn signals every time I get behind the wheel of my car. I get infuriated when people don't use them - it shows a lack of respect for others on the road, plus it's unsafe. I usually blow my horn when someone turns abruptly with no signal.
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    Becoming more introverted each year...

    I feel the same way!
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    Ladies, would you travel solo?

    When I was a staff writer for a newspaper, I would take many trips during the year by myself, to events like the Kentucky Derby, etc. I never had a problem, and actually enjoyed the time away from my husband, so I would definitely travel by myself again. However, I would do it as part of a...