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    I hate health care plan selection season.

    We have a Insurance Broker that we go to for our Medicare Advantage insurance. The problem is the broker represents 4 companies and has seminars for all four. Last year they represented just two, Humana and BC BS. They run many big newspaper adds for all must cost the Insurance...
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    Is the stock market slide over?

    The stock market is a market of stocks and like you say some will do better than others because of many reasons.
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    Is the stock market slide over?

    I say no , but there are many stock that could go down, stocks that have and are being hurt by COVID 19 but many of they are already down,
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    Election Year - real estate values

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I agree. In Montana cities like Missoula and Bozeman prices have gone Big country sky high.
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    Apple Shares To Split Soon

    I see at my account at TD Ameritrade lists AAPL at $142.81 up $18.23
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    Apple Shares To Split Soon

    God news. Wish I had bought more when I bought at $102.
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    Cashier refused to give change

    At Wall-Mart you have to make the check out for the exact amount. If you make it for a few cents more that money goes to a charity. They do not want to handle coins and I see why. I tell my wife to use a credit card but she does not want to for some reason.
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    World-Wide Recession According to the World Bank

    I see it happening were I live. Protesters not wearing masks and in the face of employees. Whats so hard for people to protect others and themselves. We went through this with seat belts. I see a world wide recession if we do not come up with a vaccination in the next 3 months.
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    Rising Seas Threaten 30 Year Mortgage for Coastal Residents

    Al Gore ... yes. I remember some of his predictions, mostly wrong.
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    The Army teaches you how to stand in line

    I remember this. Except in Germany we were paid in script. After World War I and World War II, scrip was used as "emergency money" or Notgeld in Germany and Austria. ... Since ordinary money could be used in escape attempts, they were given scrip that could only be used with the approval of...
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    Stock Market Outlook

    Yes, it is a mess and I think it will be that way for months. The end of the "mess" will be when we have a vaccine or the number of new cases drops to near zero. Hope for the best prepare for the worst.
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    Stock Market Outlook

    Yes, this was a dive. With some talking about unemployment being at 9% at the end of the year the market might keep going down. But remember its not a stock market its a market of stocks. Some sectors will do better than others, same with stocks.
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    Coronavirus pandemic could wipe out Social Security 4 years earlier than predicted

    But in some cases its necessary to keep paying for ones needs.
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    Stock Market Outlook

    With covid19 and the protests I think we will see the market take a dive. Just look at how almost all business sectors are effected and the effect they have on other businesses, not that hard to see.