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    What have you bought recently?

    My 6 year old vacuum cleaner died a week ago while I was vacuuming the house wouldn't you know I was almost finished when 'cough cough splutter' and phew what a stink then no sound at all So there was nothing for it but to buy another one and Huz suggested a bagless vacuum cleaner was the way to...
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    Old Flame Calling?

    @Duster I am so glad you spoke to your husband If this nasty business continues report him to the Police Perhaps block his phone number on your mobile/cell phone too
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    Word Association

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    A-Z words that contain the letter B

    Mobster N
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    Compound words A ~ Z

    Turtleneck U
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    Two Words - Using UP for the last word

    Frothed Up G
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    Alphabetical Partners

    Yin Yang Z
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    Common Word Pairs

    Peace and Quiet
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    Occupations A-Z

    Window Washer X/Y
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    Game Called Names

    Theresa U
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    Words Ending in the Letter "E"

    Nuance O
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    ABC words ending in the letter R

    Sour T
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    Words Ending in AGE

    Triage U
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    Words Ending with the Letter "N"

    Pen Q
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    ABC Words that end in L

    Curtail D